Death, Judgement, Knight of swords combo

  • Hi everyone. Today I drew 3 cards for myself to get a quick idea of my life for the next 6 months. I have been out of work for the last 3 months (due to the pandemic) and do not forsee a possibility of returning in the near future. Over the last few weeks I started a move towards a new career but im still not sure if that is the right choice. I drew Death, Judgement and Knights of swords. I have a hard time interpeting judgement as I never particularly felt a connection with the card. Can anyone please help me with interpeting the reading?

  • @RedFox357

    Which deck did you use?

    Death thinking of Transformations, changes taken place..
    Judgment- resurrection, Spiritual awakening, authenticity within self ...
    Knight of Swords- rush ahead with or without making plans? Strategizing... Hurrying ahead- maybe time to slow down a little, take a breath...before rushing headlong into a decision.

    Overall summary..
    There may be some changes taking place, a need for transformation, a look at a sense of authenticity within self, doing what feels right for self .. take a moment to take a breath, make plans and strategize before making any decisions..

    This is one thought about the cards ..

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