Is he married? Does he have a child?

  • I’m testing my intuition here.

    I want on dates with a guy in 2018. During Venus retrograde he emailed
    Me .

    His birthday is 18th of December 1984. Mine is the 14th October 1986.

    He was very respectful towards me, but sometimes his communication was off and it made me believe , could there be a wife and child?

    He says he misses me.. still no phone call..

    I understand he is busy with his work, but hmmmm....

    Am I right?

    Would love some insight please ..

    Thank you

  • I don't pay attention to men that don't call me back at all. I think you should just let it go and move on with your life.

  • If I'm getting this right you went with this guy out three years ago and still wondering why he hasn't called you?
    As much as I believe in astrology and palm reading I don't think you should get stuck to one guy just because the planets look good or your zodiac signs are compatible. I thought that my first boyfriend would be my husband just because Venus was in an ideal planet for a relationship, but it turned out to be the exact opposite. My husband actually is supposed to be really incompatible, but now we are choosing baby clothes together from While we are planning for our first child.

  • @slyvander he was blocked long ago... old news

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