More on Death Hexes

  • I posted in another forum on death hexes. I wanted to repeat some of the information here because I suspect that some here may have been hexed. A death hex takes a match to the victim's birth chart. All opportunities for advancement are lost. Even after the hex is removed, some residual energy may remain. It's futile to get psychic readings after a death hex because it appears that the person has no future. It looks as if they're already dead. It becomes about taking life day by day. It happened to me at a young age, and sometimes I mourn the loss of opportunity. But, now that I'm older, I look at things in perspective. But, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of protection from dark energy and having one of these spells removed immediately by an experienced white magick practitioner. And be careful with who one gets readings from because they may not have everyone's best interests at heart.

  • I've noticed from "successful" death hexes that the person generally dies around the time of a past life exit. For example, if you died at 40 from a heart attack, and you are under a death hex, the circumstances of your death are similar. The difference is usually that the hexed person had no sign of heart disease. What's scary is that the witch can possess the hexed person and coerce them into drinking too many energy drinks, which then causes a heart arrhythmia leading to death. Under normal circumstances, the person would realize that it's in their best interest to cut back on such drinks or the arrhythmia would be detected by a doctor and treated.

    Suicide is a common way for death hexes to end. A hexed person feels that they have lost everything and commits suicide. I had no prior history of suicidal thoughts and began having them after the hex had been placed on me. I'm concerned that a person on this forum, who was a regular poster may have died this way.

    Some people don't believe in them; there are many ways to die and sometimes it is just a coincidence. But, I've noticed bizarre behavior is common in a hexed person. Another is the death of a seemingly healthy person, who has recently had a string of bad luck. Anything out of the ordinary is a red flag, especially if one has been involved with divination, witchcraft or getting readings.

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