Reading for my job situation and boyfriend

  • I was wandering if I could have a reading for my job situation and my boyfriend. Do you see my situation working out? My birth date is 12-12-1980.

  • Hello TulipLilly,

    I did a reading using a 10-card Celtic spread:

     - **The Significator - The Emperor**

    I feel it's a very controlling environment that's surrounding you.
    - The Obstacle - Page of Wands
    This has a few interpretations, although, I'm feeling it as some sort of inaction on your part.
    - The Crown(Focus) - 3 of Cups
    A 3rd party situation perhaps, in love. Or just a lot of hanging out with friends. Hopefully the latter.
    - The Foundation - 9 of Pentacles
    In the past, you were hard at working on yourself and building yourself up. Maybe both of you were.
    - Influence - Page of Swords
    Immaturity. Some espionage was at play here.
    - Immediate Future - The Tower
    Bang! A sudden end and devastation. You guys may break up. "Enough is enough!"
    - Your Position - 6 of Cups
    You seem to be feeling very nostalgic about everything. Looking back at your past. There could possibly be someone there.
    - Your Environment - King of Wands
    This may have been the person stalking you, if so, he's appearing here as a King with a lot of passion towards you.
    - Hopes/Fears - 5 of Cups
    This is where you stop sulking and have a new perspective on life/love/work.
    - Outcome - Ace of Wands
    The kindling of your flame. A new passion, a creative idea, a new job, a new business, a new romance, etc.

  • @LOOK7LEE The inaction you see is when I bring up an idea my boyfriend is always shooting them down. As ways of earning income, for work. I love him but he is very controlling. Is there a time frame if we break up? Should I be planning on saving money to move and get my own place? Also, I m staying at my parents house for summer. My kids are coming to their house on the weeks that I have them. He wont let them over to his house for a week on and off cause of the coronavirus.

  • @TulipLilly The tower doesn't have to be a full breakup, just taking a break or a big fight. The time frame of the reading is before the end of summer. Clarifying, yes, you should be saving money, SECRETLY, TELL NO ONE.

  • @LOOK7LEE we are taking a break after a big fight. Is something else going to happen to make us fight? Thanks for your insight. I was going to start looking for extra income and keep it to myself. I was debating about getting my own place, but its a big step.

  • @TulipLilly For the last question, I flipped the Page of Swords, The World, 6 of Cups.

    There can be a myriad of reasons to fight, you should know the answer to this question better than I do. But from the cards, the world and 6 of cups look positive in answering your question. The world card resonates with the end of a karmic cycle and the start of a new beginning. It looks positive. The 6 of cups is a good omen, if u are in a position to give, then you'll have the opportunity to give. If you are not, then this looks like someone will be offering you assistance or both. Just let it play out. In the end, you'll back and wonder why you worried about anything in the first place.

  • @LOOK7LEE *6 of Pentacles

  • @LOOK7LEE thanks! You have helped me a lot! Sorry I didn't see this sooner. Thanks for your reading and input on what the cards had to say! ✌✌😀

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