Beginner tarot reader offering 3 card relationship readings

  • @Jana-Star I drew 5 cards from the Lovers tarot deck for this romantic connection and one card from the Angels oracle deck for further guidance with this connection moving forward.

    Card 1: Knight of Wands - this is the male in question, he is passionate and fun to be around, there is lots of attraction. This male is not prone to commitment and can be difficult to pin down. That's not to say he's not interested in commitment but you may have to keep him on his toes to sustain his interest in the short term. Once he commits he is loyal and a fierce protector of those he loves. I drew an additional card (card 2) for his career status and drew the 4 of Cups. The number 4 is stability and structure suggesting he is in a stable career, the 4 of cups suggests while he is stable in his career there is dissatisfaction and possibly a sense of lost or wasted opportunities.

    Card 3: 7 of Wands, You appear guarded in in this connection and may be expecting the worst - you are holding back possibly due to past unresolved hurt. Your guarded approach could prevent this connection from developing further as 7 is the number for manifestation.

    Card 4: Ace of Swords, a new beginning with clarity and truth. There is the need to drop your guard if you want this connection to grow further. An element of truth about how you feel needs to be expressed in this new connection otherwise the sword will sever the ties.

    Card 5: The Tower, this connection needs to be built on honesty and openness. If it is built on any other foundation it will crumble and fall apart. A shift in your perception is needed for this connection to survive. The Tower encourages you to have an open heart and avoid outdated beliefs that no longer serve the growth of your love life.

    Angels and ancestors oracle card: Seer, see beyond your current situation. The message similar to the Tower, is to avoid letting self doubt or ego influence your feelings about this connection. The place you're in is where you're meant to be and the angels are re-calibrating a favourable path forward in love and romance. Let your guard down in this new connection, stay calm, trust in the process and remain optimistic.

    I hope this offers you some guidance Jana Star, please ask if you would like me to clarify anything ☺

  • @Jodomi sorry for the late reply. My feeling from your reading is that this connection has run its course mostly due to the timing being off. You may get the opportunity to see him again but in time you will come to see in some way that he isn't for you or your personal growth, not in a negative way, as this has something to do with timing. You will come to realise the connection wouldn't have worked in the long-term you will be okay with this and move forward in your love life with optimism.

    I hope that clarifies your reading further Jodomi. Blessings to you ☺

  • @TulipLilly will have your reading by tomorrow sorry for the delay ☺

  • @Ellarose
    Yes this is what I was feeling regarding this. Thank you so much

  • @TulipLilly I drew 4 cards from the Lovers tarot deck to answer your question about your current love situation and 2 Angels and oracle cards for additional guidance.

    Card 1: The Empress, third card in the tarot indicates growth and abundance. This is a good omen as the energy for growth in this relationship is abundant, there is the need for patience and for the relationship to develop naturally to become fully formed into the union you desire it to be.

    Card 2: 4 of Cups, suggests you or your partner may not see the opportunity of love and unity this relationship offers, past emotional issues prevent you, your partner or both from not seeing the richness in this relationship and the abundance, love support it provides.

    Card 3: 7 of Swords, the energy for manifestation (number 7) is changeable, you or your partner may feel afraid of being trapped, due to past experiences. This can be worked through by remaining objective, not emotional, during any relationship challenges and have a strategy in place to prevent escalation and to foster clear productive communication.

    Card 4: The Hangman, patience is needed from both parties and a shift in perspective for this relationship to move forward in a co productive way. Some sacrifices will be required and compromise, this relationship has the potential for future growth but a change of perspective is needed for this to be fully birthed - The Hangman 12th tarot card - 1 +2 = 3 The Empress, the message is patience and a shift in perspective - from what you fear could happen in this relationship to embracing the unknown, this will allow for the relationship to grow naturally in a loving nurturing way.

    Oracle Card 1: Protection Guardian, drop your shield. The guidance here is to avoid being defensive and open up to the opportunities of enjoyment and pleasure this union offers, this resonates with the 4 of Cups. This angel encourages you to move away from any limiting thoughts or patterns that are holding you back from fully enjoying everything this relationship has to offer.

    Oracle card 2: She-wolf, unleash the wild within. You are being encouraged to step outside your comfort zone in some way. This again could be the change in perspective, doing things differently to get a more productive response when challenges arise. The message also is to not allow fear to hold you back from expressing how passionate you feel about your partner and the relationship.

    I hope this resonates TulipLilly and offers some guidance. Please let me know if you would like me to clarify anything ☺

  • @Ellarose I'm sorry I am just seeing this. Ok, so I need to not be afraid to trust in the unknown and not worry or be afraid. You said to work on communicating with him. I am not the best at showing my feelings. But i try to open up to him and he takes it the wrong way and gets mad. I don't know how to change my approach ? I just hope he's ready for me to move in with him. My ex's gf thinks he will change but only temporarily. I know I'm afraid of him hurting me like my ex did. I don't know how to get past that feelings and It makes me feel trapped. But I think that's my anxiety. Can u give any suggestions about how to change my communication style with him? Thanks i really appreciate your help! I am sending good vibes your way✌

  • @Ellarose hi could you please do a reading for me I would really appreciate it thank you..

    I just want to know will the guy I’ve been seeing and I ever be together?

    I don’t think coz he just told me he wasn’t feeling it but just wanted to know..

    Thank you so so much

  • @Mim will have your reading for you in the next few days 🙂

  • @Ellarose thank you so much 😘

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