Beginner tarot reader offering 3 card relationship readings

  • @Luna82 I'm sorry to hear the difficulties you've had. Life can be cruel and unpredictable. It is difficult to see joy in life when life has dealt crushing blows. I bless you and will ask the angels to aid you in finding peace and healing at this time. I am happy to do your reading it may take a few days.
    Blessings and peace be with you Luna82 xxx😇

  • @Ellarose hi, I understand completely. Of course, I still want the reading. Looking forward to it. Thx again

  • @Ellarose I’m so sorry to hear that. Would you accept me lighting a candle for you? Thinking of you xoxo

  • @Jana-Star Thank you Jena Star for such a lovely gesture. I would be more than happy for you to light me a candle it would be very much appreciated 😇

  • @Jubisay I drew 5 cards for the energies that are surrounding you in love and romance.

    I drew one card for the overall energy of the reading - The Tower ( please don't be alarmed by The Tower it brings positive change even if it is disruptive).
    Card 1 - 4 of Pentacles
    Card 2 - Page of Wands
    Card 3 - Ace of Cups, clarified by the 7 of Pentacles

    The overall energy of the reading The Tower can sometimes be a daunting card to receive, however, The Tower appearing is always a positive experience that clears the way for a better future. My feeling is the Tower may have already occurred or is already happening in someway. The Tower can show the sudden ending of a relationship and this ending is needed as the foundations were built on false beliefs, outdated values or even deceit. If this resonates the ending is necessary as the relationship was built on unhealthy foundations and this is a positive change in your life.
    Another aspect of The Tower is that it can signify internal change, tearing down values and beliefs that no longer serve you. In relationships this could be the realisation that what you once valued in relationships now no longer serves you. This can be an unsettling time as you rediscover your inner values, understand the core beliefs that hold you back and that need to be let go of so you can be happy in the future. The Tower ultimately speaks of sudden change that may seem disruptive internally or externally but know this is a positive change that will bring you closer to finding what truly brings you joy in a relationship. This process can be embraced by having the best relationship with yourself. If this resonates practice self love, being kind and gentle with yourself. Embrace the things in life that bring you joy this will illuminate your path to true love.

    Card 1 - Four of Pentacles, the energy of the number 4 is positive and shows stability and structure - building solid foundations that hold value. The 4 of Pentacles can suggest that financial security may play some part in your love life. It can sometimes be a message that the security and stability you have created for yourself, is a positive position to be in , yet, the 4 of Pentacles also asks you to be aware of the need to let go and to trust in the process when necessary. With the presence of The Tower it may be that your sense of security and stability is an area to focus on when moving forward in love and romance. I would prefer to do a further reading to clarify this message.

    Card 2 - Page of Wands, is a positive card to receive and denotes messages or even invitations. The Page of Wands encourages you to enjoy yourself at this time, except any invites and be open to flirtations. The page could also be a young male, fire sign, who could impact on your love life in some way. After The Tower I see this as a message for you to break free from what has been holding you back and go out and enjoy yourself, be young at heart regardless of age or circumstances.

    Card 3 - The Ace of Cups is a great card to receive in love and romance and brings positive vibrations. The Ace of Cups often indicates an offer of romance or the beginning of a loving relationship. I sometimes see The Ace of Cups as an apology or renewal of love and trust. I asked for clarification of the Ace of Cups and drew the 7 of Pentacles. This card could suggest that the offer of love and relationship indicated by the Ace of Cups could be the decision made to renew a relationship or to cut ties and reinvest your efforts in a new love connection.

    The Tower is a major arcana and this energy has the most significance in the reading. The Tower is the 16th tarot card in the deck, 1 + 6 = 7 which links to the 7 of Pentacles - The number 7 is harvest, renewal, a time to prosper. This could suggest the change foretold by The Tower, while sudden and destructive, holds significance over the situation conveyed by the Ace of cups- the offer of new or renewal of love and 7 of Pentacles - the decision to grow a preexisting connection or to cut this connection to allow for the growth of a new connection in love .

    I hope some of the reading resonates Jubisay, My apologies if you didn't find any guidance in the reading. Please let me know if you would like me to clarify anything 🙂

  • @Ellarose thx for the reading. I ended an a relationship of 3 years just few weeks ago, because I wasn’t in love, not even in the beginning. I went along in the relationship because it was a stable person. He had a job etc, but I just wasn’t in love. So I had trouble dealing with it even tho the guy was great. It’s been like 6 years ago that I felt being in love. But someway somehow it happened with this new guy I know. He touched my heart in a weird way. And I really love the feeling. We are so much a like. I hope this thing what we are doing ( me and the guy) will become a relationship. He’s a cancer ♋️ just like me. Thank you for the reading

  • @Jubisay It seems your situation is very much The Tower, while it may seem disruptive you are now on the journey to finding true love. The Page Wands and The Ace of Cups encourages this new love connection. Blessings on your journey to finding the love you truly deserve 😇

  • @Jayann I'm glad the reading offered you some guidance. Your situation is reflected in the positive energy of The Devil in the breaking of bonds that do not serve you. If there is still some regret know your decision was the right one and you will benefit from your decision in future romance and love ☺

  • @Jana-Star will have your reading by this evening ☺

  • @Ellarose thank you honey. And I hope everything will be oke with you. Thanks again for the reading 🙏

  • @Ellarose thank you so much.

  • @Jana-Star I drew 5 cards for the potential of romance and marriage with the Pisces male you are romantically connecting with.

    I drew the 8 of Wands for the overall energy of the reading. This is a great card to receive in love and romance and indicates you may fall in love, be swept off your feet by this Pisces male. The challenge of the 8 of Wands is to stay grounded whilst being swept along in the early stages of love. The number 8 is the number for infinity which suggests the potential in this romantic union. There is potential for love with this connection.

    Card 1 - Knight of Cups often signifies a male, water sign, I would say this is the Pisces male, he may be a dreamer and idealistic, as the Knight of Cups I see him offering you his cup of love. The Knight almost always shows the beginning of a loving romance. This suggests the potential for a loving relationship with the Pisces male. The caution of the Knight of Cups is he is not the most committed of the Knights and can enjoy the pursuit of love more than a long-term relationship.

    Card 2 - The Emperor, a major arcana and the 4th card in the deck can sometimes be an intense energy for love. The Emperor cautions you not to be too rigid in your thinking and beliefs as this could hold you back from finding an unconditional loving relationship . The Emperor appearing may also be asking you to be aware of any aspects of control that need to be let go of for this new connection to grow. My intuition is any potential for marriage with the Pisces male or another suitor will require you to try and let go of the outcome of the relationship and enjoy each moment of authentic love unconditionally, this will smooth your way to the sacred union you desire.

    Card 3- 5 of Wands suggests you could be experiencing inner conflict about this new love connection. This could be holding you back from fully opening up to experience the energy of the 8 of Wands. There could also be competition for the attention of the Pisces male, although not necessarily. My feeling is that you are unsure if this new connection will be worth the effort and perhaps fear it will result in failure. The Emperor is encouraging you not to be too rigid in this type of thinking as it could close you off from potential love.

    I drew a final card for you Jana Star asking if this union has the potential for marriage. I drew Judgement, number 20 = 2. The message here is trust your judgment in matters of the heart. You have learned from past hurt and have become stronger and wiser. You will know which relationship works for you and any that do not. You will also know when you meet the man you are destined to marry.

    I hope the reading offers you some guidance Jana Star, sorry I couldn't offer you are clearer answer to your question. Please ask if you'd like me to clarify anything 🙂

  • @Ellarose no that is very good and I am happy with that. Excellent 😊. Thank you so much and hope you are feeling better xoxo

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  • @Ellarose hi it’s me again. I’m a little bit confused about my current love situation and it’s making me kind of depressed. I was rereading the cards you drew for me and I wanted to ask you if you can explain card 1 for me. I would appreciate it. Thx

  • @Jubisay sorry to hear you're not in a good place emotionally right now I hope you feel in a more positive and happy place soon.

    I have read over your reading and card 1 the 4 of pentacles is about security and stability in your life, because you received the Tower I feel the disruption this caused relates to your sense of security and stability (sometimes financial). The Tower indicates your sense of security and stability could have been built on foundations that did not serve you in love and so these foundations have been destroyed so you can rebuild the foundations with what will serve you best as you move forward in love. The destruction of the tower can be earth shattering, upsetting and even scary as what you once had is now completely gone, but you now have the chance to rebuild something more authentic that in the long-term will bring you happiness in love.

    My feeling is that the 4 of pents is an indication that your sense of security is an area in love that you need to focus on. Stability and security are important factors for a relationship to be successful but there needs to be more to a relationship for it to thrive.

    I hope this has clarified things for you. I have recently started practicing reading with oracle cards and happy to do you another reading if you would still like more guidance on your situation ☺

  • @Ellarose do you think you can do a tarot reading for me ? My bd is 12-12-80. What do you see for me in the rest of the year 2020? In terms of me working on writing my book and my relationship with my boyfriend? It was a little rocky cause of covid 19 but I feel we are in a better place now. His bd is 6-24.. Thank you:)

  • @Luna82 so sorry I haven't done your reading yet. Would you still like me to do your reading. I hope this message finds you well ☺

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