Beginner tarot reader offering 3 card relationship readings

  • @Ellarose

    I can’t thank you so much for these readings. 2 years of hell with him always making up and breaking up with me . He was a narcissist. Definitely. So glad to move on.
    Capricorn I think is 12th January 92. His name is Kai. Would love a reading please about him and if there is potential with me.

    Thanks so much xoxo

  • @Jayann I will have your reading for you by tomorrow Jayann 🙂

  • @Jana-Star I drew 4 cards for the question will your new romantic connection blossom into something more?

    The card drawn for the overall energy was The Hierophant, this card actually flew out of the deck and shows it's an important message you need to receive.

    Card 1- 2 of Cups
    Card 2- The Queen of Swords
    Card 3- Ace of Swords

    The overall energy for this reading The Hierophant is a really good card to receive. It is the card for marriage and life long unions. However Jana Star I do not feel the message is that you and your new love interest will marry or be lifelong partners. I'm not saying this is not a possibility either but I think The Hieropant's message is that marriage and a life long union with someone special is awaiting you but other cards suggest this will arrive when you have met the man who will value you, honour your boundaries, there will be trust, love and respect. The Queen of Swords asks you to be discerning, see your worth and value and except nothing less than you deserve.

    Card 1- 2 of Cups this does indicate that things with your new love interest will develop to something more. There is the potential to meet and for things to develop from there. The number 2 is union and after the Ace of Cups the union moves through to the number 2 which is the potential for a new relationship. I say potential because my feelings are that the message you need to hear at this time with the presence of the Queen of Swords, is to be ruled by objectivity rather than the heart. I feel this connection could develop further but you may need to be objective in terms of whether you want to grow the connection to something more, you may not feel there is the potential for the deeper connection of The Hieropant. It is difficult to say at this stage if this connection will result in marriage but the connection will blossom in a positive way with the presence of the 2 of Cups if this is what you desire.

    Card 2 - The Queen of Swords, her presence in this reading sends the message that this is a time where you need to be discerning and maintain your values and standards, do not settle for less than you deserve. The Queen of Swords prefers to be single rather than be in a relationship that does not fulfill her needs. I feel the message here is to enter this new connection with an appreciation for your value as an amazing woman and except nothing less than love and respect at all times.

    Card 3 - The Ace of Swords is a new beginning with clarity, the fog is cleared by the sword. You can place a certain amount of trust in this new beginning because you have full clarity in the sense that you now understand the things you will no longer tolerate in a relationship. This card is positive and suggests a good start to this new connection, but The Ace of Swords is also quick to cut ties and with the Queen of Swords I would say the message is to take your time, be objective about this new connection but also remain positive.

    The Hierophant is a major arcana and this energy has the most significance. The message is that you will one day marry or have life long partner who will love and cherish you in the way that you deserve 🙂

    I hope the reading is some help, sorry it's sent late. Please ask if you want me to clarify anything ☺

  • @Ellarose
    no problem
    Just hope a reading will help you become a confident reader.

  • @Jayann I drew 5 cards for the question, will S be interested in summer love?

    I drew a card for the overall energy for the reading - The 9 of Swords clarified by the 6 of Wands
    Card 1 - 10 of Wands
    Card 2 - Ace of Pentacles, clarified by The Devil

    The overall energy for the reading the 9 of Swords, suggests there may be some anxiety surrounding this connection, you may feel anxious as to whether S is interested in pursuing things further. Sometimes the 9 of Swords can indicate regret of some kind, possibly regret could be that you don't tell this person how you feel and later wish you had. With the 9 of Swords things are never as bad as they seem and fear is the cause of the anxiety not the situation itself. The 9 of Swords was clarified by the 6 of Wands which shows success and a victory, your efforts are rewarded. I think the message here is don't stress if you want to reach out and tell this person how you feel do so, you have nothing to lose as there is the potential for success in romance.

    Card 1 - 10 of Wands, the number 10 is completion and after the number 9 this means there will be some kind of completion with this connection. My feeling is that as the 10 of Wands in love can mean focus and striving towards a goal, this could be you achieving the initial goal of connecting romantically with this person. The 10 of Wands, however, can sometimes warn that the goal you have set and achieved might not be what you expected.

    Card 2 - Ace of Pentacles, a new beginning that offers the potential for something of value that is worth developing, after the 10 of Wands this shows the potential for the growth of this connection. I drew another card to clarify the connection over the summer months and drew The Devil. The Devil can be a negative message but it can have a positive message too. This connection could have lots of physical attraction and the connection could grow from there.

    The Devil is a major arcana and this energy is the most significant. The message is there is the potential for summer love with S and this connection could be very physical, lots of attraction. The challenge or caution of the Devil is to avoid unhealthy bonds, relationships that do not meet your inner values.

    I hope some of this resonates Jayann, my apologies if it doesn't, it's quite difficult doing the reading when the person isn't there. Please let me know if you need me to clarify anything. Blessings ☺

  • @Ellarose
    WOW I thought you said you were a novice Tarot reader.
    You have a nice way of expressing your findings.
    Yes I do have an issue with S and yes there is regret.
    The difference in my present self to the pass is that my health comes first.
    So wow, what you have said makes a lot of sense.

  • @Jayann Thank you. I just hope some of it resonated with you ☺

  • @Ellarose , please can you do a reading for me, just what i need to know about this area of my life.

  • Hey honey , thank you for the previous readings, but I’m just not feeling that Capricorn ... he is a bit too stuck up..

    Anyway I am talking to a Pisces male born 16 March 1989..

    I’m a Libra - October 14 1986

    Could you do me a tarot reading please regarding a potential union eg marriage and babies. Any other prosperity you pick up? His status at the bank ? Lolol

    Would be so grateful.

    Wish I could send you a gift for all your hard work and insight.

    It’s very appreciated.

    Love & light

  • @Jubisay I will have your reading by tomorrow ☺

  • @Ellarose thank you.

  • @Jana-Star your previous reading did indicate the connection with the Capricorn male would not lead to marriage. The Queen of Swords is you using objectivity and staying true to your standards and values in a relationship. The Ace of Swords indicated you would cut ties if he wasn't the one for you.

    More than happy to do a further reading for the Pisces male. I can try give you some indication of marriage and babies however I'm not confident enough in my abilities to be 100% sure but will give you the best possible guidance with the reading 🙂

  • @Ellarose

    Bless you that is so appreciates. Yes I only met Capricorn and started chatted to him and I’m not feeling it.

    Pisces is interesting ... I look forward to your insight.
    Thanks so much.

    Take care

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hello I was really hoping the offer for a reading still stands? I've been going threw some very hard times and need help. At the start of the year I lost my rock. Grammie was an amazing woman. Two weeks later a doc found something in my neck and sent me off for Biopsy. Did in fact come back positive and have surgery next Monday. A few days ago my EX took his life. I have only one shred of joy. I would love to know what this connection is I have now? Thanks

  • @Luna82 Life can be so cruel. Thinking of you. I hope the sun can shine for you once again. Sending you love ..

  • @Luna82
    Thinking of you
    Maybe others can help you as well as @Ellarose
    maybe @TheCaptain or @TarotNick or @hekatesxing or @Selenite
    Take care and stay safe

  • @Ellarose hey honey hope you are well. Just wondering if you have my reading? Lol I’m itching to know what you get. Thanks xoxo

  • @Jubisay So sorry I haven't sent your reading Jubisay, I have had some personal stuff to deal with. Please accept my apology. I will do your reading today if you would still like one doing ☺

  • @Jana-Star So sorry I went off radar. I am having some persona stuff going on but I'm happy to catch up on my readings if you would still like it doing. Please accept my apologies. Trying times but doing the readings really helps my path to healing so I hope you will bear with me ☺

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