Beginner tarot reader offering 3 card relationship readings

  • Hi I'm somewhat of a novice tarot reader and would like to develop my intuitive abilities using when interpreting tarot readings.

    I have read only for friends and myself so far and would like to practice on people I don't know to see how accurate my readings are.

    If you would like a 3 card reading to shed light on a romantic or relationship situation please post me your question and I will try to offer you the best guidance I can πŸ™‚

  • @Ellarose Hi Ellarose, please do a reading for me, just what i need to know about this area of my life.

  • Please read for me - my birthday is 14 th October 1986 and his is 25th March 1986.

    I want to know if this union is heading where I want it to go - marriage and kids?

    He wants me to move in with him. Past had been a rollercoaster , but I feel he wants a future with me.

    Will be pleased to know what you pick up please.

    Thank you so much

  • @moonalisa Using The Lovers Tarot deck, I asked my guides what messages can you send Moonalisa about romance and love at this time?

    I drew 3 cards and 1 further card for the overall energy surrounding the question.

    Overall energy- 2 swords
    card 1- Queen of Swords
    Card 2- Knight of Pentacles
    Card 3 - 2 Pentacles

    The card for the overall energy surrounding your question is the 2 Swords.
    This would suggest there maybe some kind of tension in your love life. The number 2 is about partnership and swords are communication so without knowing your full situation it could be that at the moment there is some kind of breakdown of communication if not with another person you may be conflicted within yourself about which direction you want to take your love life. This could be causing tension and a period where there is no movement, you may feel stuck, however, if this resonates with you know that this period will pass and you will be able to move forward in your love life and take it in the direction you want to. The number 2 leads on to number 3 which is growth and abundance, if you do feel stuck in your love life the message is once this period passes there will be growth and abundance.

    Card 1 - The Queen of Swords is a Libran female or someone with Libran in their birth chart. I sense this could be you but it could be someone who is in your life or soon will be and will influence your love life in someway. The Queen of Swords is logical and a good communicator. The 2 of swords energy belongs to the Queen of Swords so this could also suggests the queen feels stuck in a love situation where there is a stalemate, no movement because the path forward is not fully seen by the queen at this time but logic and good communication will allow her to move forward on the path to love. The Queen of Swords has high standards and she can cut with her words as well as her sword this could suggest harsh words exchanged.

    Card 2 -The Knight of Pentacles, younger male to the queen, earth sign or someone with similar traits. With the queen this could be a couple, the male could be younger or has a young outlook on life. With the 2 of Swords it could be there is tension between this couple that needs to be resolved and soon will be.

    If you are single the Knight of Pentacles is someone who will enter your life soon and it will be a committed relationship as the knight of Pents is steadfast and committed. If you are single the inner conflict about your love life ( 2 swords) will be resolved and the knight of Pents can enter your life if he hasn't already. The Knight of Pents is slow to make a move so patience will be needed if you're looking for a commitment but once he does commit he is in it for the long haul.

    Card 3 - 2 Pentacles for love can sometimes indicate indecision, on off romance or juggling more than one person. In your situation along with the 2 of Swords I think there is indecision in your love life perhaps surrounding the Knight of Pents. The 2 of Pents could also indicate the Knight weighing up his options as the 2 of Pents energy belongs to him. The Knights indecision could be causing a stalemate. If this doesn't resonate I see the 2 of Pentacle in love as sending you the message to find balance in your life and avoid extremes this will help release the tension from the 2 of swords.

    If you are single the 4 cards suggest there may be a feeling of inner tension in your love situation maybe due to not being sure what you want in love or feeling you will not find someone special. The Knights appearance indicates a committed relationship is on the way, however you will have to be patient for him to commit. Finding balance in all areas of your life will help to smooth the way for love to come into your life.

    If you are not single the cards suggest there may be tension between you and your partner and it has caused a breakdown in communication. This will pass and a decision can be made as to which direction the relationship is going. The Knight is a good indication of a long-term relationship so I see this a positive sign that the relationship will move forward from the energy of the 2 to the energy of 3 which is growth and abundance.

    I hope this is some help. I found it quite difficult as it was a more general question. Please don't hesitate to ask me to clarify anything or draw any additional cards, I'm happy to do so πŸ™‚

  • Thank you Ellarose for the reading:), please give me a little time to read it carefully and i'll be back with feedback.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Jana-Star sorry for the delay Jena-Star would you still like your reading doing?

  • @Ellarose
    Hi Ellarose
    thank you for your offer
    Would you like to do a reading for me?
    I will provide feedback
    Take care and stay safe
    Ty😊 😊
    forgot the question
    Will S be interest in summer love?

  • @Ellarose Hi Ellarose, i am not sure if you have seen my feedback so i am going to restore it for you to see. i am really grateful for your reading. All the best to you.:)

  • @moonalisa Hi Moonalisa, thank you. I didn't see your feedback but would really like to if you have time to re-post it, that would be great! I hope the reading was useful πŸ™‚

  • @Ellarose

    I would still like a reading please, but my question has changed. This person and I ended . I want to know if they will try to contact me again? Please, would appreciate it .

    Thank you

  • @Ellarose

    Yes please, same info, but we ended and I want to know if they will come back to me please . I don’t want them back, however I want to know if they will try to hoover me again .

    Also I’m chatting to a Capricorn and want to know if there is potential there please . Thanks so much xoxo

  • @Jana-Star I will get the reading to you by tomorrow. Thank you for your patience πŸ™‚

  • @Ellarose
    That’s so kind thank you so much

  • @Ellarose My feedback is above, it's the 6th post. i deleted it after a few days but when i realised you may not have seen it i resored it.:)

  • @moonalisa Hi moonalisa thank you for the feedback. With more clarity on your situation in love and romance I would say that your indecision comes from a positive place as you may need this space to really understand what your relationship needs are. Sometimes we can fall into relationships without realising the relationship doesn't actually fulfill our needs. Different from a check list, I think identifying what you really need from a relationship can bring a fulfilling and well balanced relationship. If you feel this resonates the Queen of Swords energy is perfect for objectivity and she understands her core values and standards. The Knight of Pentacles in the reading could suggest that once you identify what those needs are your next relationship will be built on solid foundations and will be stable with the potential to be long term.

    Thank you again for the feedback. I'm glad it gave you some insight into your situation πŸ™‚

  • @Ellarose it did, thank you.:)

  • @Jana-Star I'm going to do two separate readings for you as you have two different questions and I didn't want the energies to overlap.

    I pulled 5 cards in total for the question will my ex return?

    I drew a card for the overall energy of the reading - The World
    Card 1 - 8 Swords
    Card 2 - 9 Pentacles
    Card 3 - Knight of Cups clarified by the Ace of Cups

    The overall energy for the reading The World, a great card to receive, shows completion, cycles and a new phase in your life. The challenge of the World is to successfully complete one cycle to start the new phase. I feel the message for you is that a new phase in your life awaits you, not necessarily with your ex, this is a time where you need to move away from lessons learnt in the past and then you can move happily into the new phase in your love life. I feel this card is asking you to really consider if you wish to go through another cycle with your ex or start a new phase that will bring you much more success in love.

    Card 1 - 8 of Swords: The energy of the number 8 relates to the energy of The World as both represent patterns and cycles. As you mentioned 'hoover' as the number 8 suggests a pattern in a relationship played out for good or ill and the card is 8 of Swords. This can be a sign of anxiety around the situation, you may have felt trapped and I would say the pattern of behaviour in the relationship may have been unhealthy. The positive of the 8 of Swords is that this is a situation you are free to leave you have free will and do not have to stay, but it may not always feel that way. Be aware of what it is that kept you in the relationship as it could pull you back into it.

    Card 2- 9 of Pentacles. This is a great card to get after the 8 of Swords. It shows you have freed yourself from the 8 of Swords energy to move to the energy of the 9 which is near completion. The 9 of Pentacles often shows up when you are single and have a sense of inner stability. You are in a strong position and this energy will be very attractive to others. If you do not feel the energy of the 9 and the energy of the 8 of Swords is still with you know that in time, with dedication to self love, you will move away from the situation of the 8 of Swords to the 9 of Pentacles, better times.

    Card 3 - Knight of Cups, clarified by the Ace of Cups. This strongly suggests yes your ex will return. I specifically asked to clarify if the Knight of Cups was your ex returning and drew the Ace of Cups.The Ace is always a new or renewal of a relationship or offer of love and with the Knight of Cups this could be your ex perhaps apologizing and or professing his love. I'm not sure if the pattern of the 8 resonates but it shows that this may not be the first or the last break up, but the World is a reminder that a new phase with someone new awaits which could also be the Knight and The Ace of Cups. The message is yes your ex is likely to return but do you really want to take him back!!

    I hope that offers some insight into your situation Jana Star. I'm not sure on the accuracy so my apologies if nothing resonates with you. Please ask me to clarify anything, I'm happy to do so. I will send you your next reading by tomorrow πŸ™‚

  • @Ellarose Thank you so much for getting back to me.
    I have blocked his emails and turned off my number. I don’t know if he will return and I don’t really care because if I am due a fresh successful start in love then I will take that path.

    I am chatting to a Capricorn male . 12th January 1992. He is six years younger than me, but age is just a number ...

    Do you pick up anything there please? He ticks all the boxes, but his conversation is not so consistent..

    I really appreciate this . Thank you xoxo

  • @Jana-Star Thank you for the feedback, I'm really pleased you found it helpful. The message sent to you in the reading was to move on from your ex as success in love is awaiting you, it could very well be with the Capricorn male. Your ex may find some other way of contacting you but you have clearly moved on and for the better. I will do you reading for the Capricorn male this evening and send it to you. Blessings πŸ™‚

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