My Awesome Cancer Man

  • I love this man so very much, and he loves me as well. So much for compatibility and signs....Gemini roars.

  • One of my best friends is a gemini [=

  • How long have you been together gemtwin??

  • haha Gem. Luckily for us we are not all one dimensional human beings because that would make for a very boring world population if there were only 12 different types of people.

  • My friend Aqua, I couldn't agree more. There are so many reasons other then birth signs that make a relationship and to think otherwise would be naive. Hope you have been doing well and are in good health and spirit.

    Have a great .. C

  • All is good Gem. I’ve been so busy with work and classes, much going on. My awesome SO has decided to rip out his kitchen and move it so he can build another bedroom. He’s bored lol. I hope you are also keeping well and in good spirits. Enjoy!

  • o I thought I posted that I am a gemini I don't know if my cancer is AWSOME far from perfect, but I love him and he loves me and we're making it work inspite of what anyone says or thinks. I haven't experienced even half of the problems other's complain about, and contrary to what I've read I appriciate him dearly and would never cheat on him. Maybe we need to write a book with different compatibility descriptions, they're not gelling with me I had pasionate relationship with a taurus man for years, I have not met an aries, aquarius, or gemini that could jingle my bells (beyond friendship). But god knows I love my cancer.

    Everyone is an individual, astrology is ment to help people to understand eachother not limit our options

  • Amen! Apparently I'm most compatible with gemini (NEVEREVER. No offense to the gems on this forum, my best friend is a gemini, but i've had my share of gemini men in my life and i will neeeeeeever date one) leo (i have many male leo friends and i have not been even remotely attracted to one of them) sags and aquarius. I've never even met a male aquarius or sag. So far i've only been into capricorns and cancer, and those are exactly who i'm not supposed to be compatible with, hahaha! Maybe I like punishment? It's possible, ladies.

    Though, honestly, i've been doing a lot of research into how men and women are different, what makes each other tick, why we get so mad at each other....and it all comes down to understanding. Do the research, and make an effort to understand each other. If you get along amazing, are attracted to each other, and make an honest effort to communicate and see things from your partners perspective, how could it not work?

  • Slight correcton, my cancer IS awsome, he's handsome, kind, gental, easy to talk to, a good father, a good lover, a good friend and companion. Still not perfect, but perfect enough.

  • Its nice to see some people happy with their relationship. I'm a cancer with a Taurus boyfriend. They say that is great compatibility wise but I know it is more than that. I agree with you GemTwin52 and Aquabubbles. Too much concentration on just signs makes things hazy because we aren't focusing on who the person really is. I am glad your man is awesome, you probably deserve an awesome man. I will give a shout out to my awesome lovely man. Here's to happy relationships lol 😃

  • I forgot to mention he cooks, cleans, and is a good provider.

  • are things going with your gentleman?

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