In dire need of help with this reading! Please!

  • I was gifted this set when I lived in NOLA. It’s the Original Aquarian Tarot deck by David Palladini. A woman walked up to me in the Garden District and told me I needed them. Novice as I still am, all of the readings I have done with them have been spot on. I just can’t do this reading, something is blocking me from being able to see it as a whole. Im sure it’s something tied to my emotions being in disarray. Short background info, I’m going through a very terrible divorce involving the love of my life coming into severe mental illness, leading to emotional, physical, and sexual abuse. He’s refusing medication and his family is supporting that.

    To be honest, I wasn’t even intending to do a reading because I’ve been scared to see what might be said. I’m my deck was blown across my bedroom by the wind from an open window and I just knew it was that time and only 6 cards had been turned face up and only one reversed. I found them in this order.

    1. Justice
    2. Judgement(reversed)
    3. Ace of Pentacles
    4. The Sun
    5. 3 of Rods
    6. 4 of Swords

    If anyone can help shed some light on this, I would really appreciate it. I would have asked my teacher but she is no longer with us from the Covid outbreak in Massachusetts. So I’m kinda lost.

    ![alt text](![image url](09364966-E42E-4EFA-8903-CB78D2EEF359.jpeg image url))

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