Virgo man with sag moon

  • Basically I’m a Pisces but I’m more ruled by my Scorpio moon which stops me from pursuing things, I hate to be too obsessive and controlling which is what I am deep down and I have this fear I’m going to push my potential lover away.

    As of late I have met a Virgo man who has a Sagittarius moon and he’s really sweet and kind, but as usual when I first meet someone I’m shy and I don’t like to give off too much so I never initiate contact first and act like I’m not interested (I know it’s really bad)

    Me and this guy have been intimate already but we are really good friends but because I like him I’m so shy to ever call him first.

    He mentioned to me that I never call him which is why he doesn’t bother chasing after me. The reason I don’t ever feel comfortable to call him is because I know he’s dating other people at the same time and he’s not afraid to tell me this he never hides anything he’s very upfront about everything and has expressed he wants a relationship but just hasn’t found someone special yet. My sister asked him in front of me if he can see me and him going in to a relationship and he said he doesn’t know yet.

    My question is, will he get bored of me taking things slow? I know usually Virgos like to move quickly but I am very slow paced and I’m thinking he will get bored and just not even bother to answer my calls when I do call him eventually.

  • Can you provide the exact dates of birth?

  • @TheCaptain 12/mar/1993 and 11/sep/1994

  • You will probably not be surprised to learn that this is a meant to be more of a learning and conscious-raising relationship than a true romantic one. It can be very unrealistic. You are total opposites and, while this can energize your relationship, it can also push it beyond reasonable limits. The danger here lies in getting swept up by inflammatory desires. In a love affair or even just a friendship, feelings may go far beyond realistic boundaries. You can get very swept away by dreams and fantasies and not see what your partner is really like. Learning to be a bit more realistic about what you have in front of you and not what is in your head and hopes may be impossible, and in fact you may only learn how far off your perceptions were through hindsight. It is not so much the relationship itself that is lacking here than your objective assessment of it. Your friend can have a tendency to live vicariously through his partner, but it is important for him to make sure that his own deeds get the recognition they deserve. Intelligent and perceptive, he can make a loyal and passionate partner but he can at times be inconsistent and careless when it comes to the feelings of other people. Unless the two of you can find things in common to share, the relationship will be short-lived. But go ahead and contact him - he is likely seeing your lack of contact as lack of interest.

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