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  • Hi,
    I am not feeling well, sometimes I feel unconscious, and also feel different sounds of unknown people. I am in this situation from 23 April 2020. My sleep pattern is also disturb. Sometimes I feel that I am talking with someone. Kindly check my current energy and situation. I want to meditate but I am unable to make vision.

  • Everything is energy, and all energy vibrates at a certain frequency, and nature always wants to bring frequencies into harmony, When two different frequencies are in the presence of one another, they will always come into resonance with each other; the lower frequency moving up to meet the higher one. This is the law of entrainment and I feel it is at work here. A spiritual person must consistently make a choice to vibrate at the highest frequency they can so that all the lower energies in the world elegantly rise to match them. If you are peace, love, positivity and joy, the likelihood is that most people around you will shift to that too. But if you worry about and connect too much to what is going on in the world, you will vibrate with unease, anger, hatred, violence, mistrust, lack of compassion, etc. You need to cut yourself off from the bad things that are occurring outside of you (eg stop watching or reading the news) in order to achieve peace and harmony. When you understand that all strife and turmoil is necessary for evolution and learning, you will no longer be anxious and unsettled - especially at night when you are more open and sensitive to outer energy. .Try to make your bedroom and home as calm and peaceful as possible.

  • Hi dear, have you seen a doctor about your condition? It sounds very serious. If you haven't, please get checked. I did a reading to check on your current situation--I'm not a doctor.

    I feel as though someone is here causing you a lot of emotional pain and sadness. You are feeling heart-broken(3 of Swords) and kind of stuck in limbo(The Hanged Man). This energy you are in has been heavy on you. If so, then rest assured the end is in sight.

    In your immediate future, the Knight of Swords. He's one of the few good swords cards in the deck as long as he's on your side. Fortunately, he appears to be here. This could be your energy, taking action with new clarity. This could be someone else, rushing to come to your aid. A friend, or even just a "good company". A person you can talk to, engage with, share a few laughs, etc. I will point out there is a major transformation taking place. And it's powerful, like going from a butterfly to a honey bee.

    The Final Outcome is the Devil. This card resonates with all human pleasures. Take it how it resonates. But from my experience, there's no winning the devil. Not by ordinary means.

  • @Sara717 , my intuition is telling me you need to get a carbon monoxide detector for your home immediately. You are exhibiting signs of carbon monoxide poisoning.

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