Shall I try and pursue him?

  • I have a friend I am interested in, he’s a Virgo with Sag moon and Scorp Venus. (11 sep 1994)

    I am a Pisces with Scorp moon and Aries Venus.(12 mar 1993)

    We have just recently met not long ago, and we both already have gotten intimate with each other.

    The problem is he asked me at the beginning if I was looking for a relationship and stupidly I said no only because that’s what I thought I wanted after coming out of a heartbreak.

    Now I want to get to know him but not push for a relationship or any commitment from him I just want to get to know him.

    Does anyone know what I am to expect from this person with his chart? And how I can maybe pursue him?

  • This is the attraction to someone who is your direct opposite in nature. While this can be exciting for a while, unless you develop something in common, the passion will not last. This polarity can energize the relationship and push it to go beyond reasonable limits. But it can also emphasize the danger of getting swept up by inflammatory desires. In a love affair here, feelings may go far beyond realistic boundaries. The two of you can have a penchant for thinking that your relationship is the best, the most romantic, the most sensual, etc. Learning to be a bit more realistic about what you have may be impossible however, and in fact you may only learn how far off your perceptions were through hindsight. It is not so much the relationship itself that is lacking here than an objective assessment of it. So it would be fine for a brief fling of passion but anything longer term is doubtful.

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