Any insight on this person

  • A guy recently approached me while I was mowing my yard. I know who his father is and I get along w his father so he's not a total stranger although I've never met him. He wanted to know if I had any yard work for him. I gave him some work trimming trees and shrubs. I asked him if he wanted to change the oil in one of my mowers and he was interested. He asked for the manual on it and said he was going to take it home to look at. That was a couple wks ago. I paid him for the work. Now he stops in about twice a wk usually in the eve and we talk about work. He asks me what I think about him. He's asked me twice. He's told me some stuff about himself like he dabbles in drugs sometimes. I told him I don't know what to think. I don't know him well at all. Anyway I don't know what to think about him but would like my manual back. I know that he's Sagittarius. How should I handle this person who shows up w no intention on working.

  • Ask for the manual back. Then show him no interest in being friends and he will eventually see that he cannot fool you or con you.

  • @TheCaptain I feel like he's using the manual as a reason to return. Will just tell him to leave on my porch. Will tell him I got someone on phone and can't talk.

  • @Dallyalot I feel like he may still find an excuse to come back.

  • @TheCaptain you're right whenever I'm in yard he stops says he's gonna do this or that and never shows. I already know he's not going to. I'm stuck on the manual because he has it but won't return it. Its for a field trimmer. Most people want to see it if their going to service it. He told me it didn't need service. I told him I do it every yr. When I ask him about it I sense he gets upset--why.

  • @Dallyalot you can usually download any manual from the internet if you want to replace it. Just put in the brand and details of the trimmer. Then you won't need it back.

  • @Dallyalot that guy sounds like he is up to no good. Tell him nicely to get lost. I think he is trying to feel you out. That's just what my instincts are telling me. Why would he keep the manual? Its like an excuse for him to keep coming back. That's why he gets upset when you ask him about it. You should be able to print one online. Good luck with your situation:)

  • @TulipLilly yes I can print one. Its just sooo much easier to have the real one.

  • @Dallyalot yeah I am sure it is. But then you have to go to him to get it back. Do you really feel like having to chat with him? If hes not going to change the oil, why would he keep it ? Good luck, let me know how it turns out:)

  • @TulipLilly my experience w his type is that they move fast. If he doesn't get a green lite from me romantically then he moves on. His brother lives in my neighborhood. My experience is that he'll reappear as they way they operate is fundamentally flawed and until they realize that they/he'll never have a good relationship.

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