Harsh Truth Reading. HELP

  • I did a reading called "The Harsh Truth spread"

    A little background information: I've always wanted to be a singer, but my family doesn't support me. They expect me to go to college and follow in their footsteps. My parents don't sugarcoat anything and tell me that I did a good job, when I didn't. I wanted to prove to them that i can do this, but when i did my performance it went horribly wrong. My mom told me flat out that I'm not good and that I should stop. However, i went to competition and the judge gave me a good review and I even got a trophy. I'm just confused on where I stand, and it i'm good enough.

    I asked the question "Should I audition for American Idol"

    the spread:

    1. What you want to see

    2. what you dont want to see

    3. the truth

    4. what you want to happen

    5. what you dont want to happen

    6. outcome

    my result:

    1. Page Cups

    2. Lovers

    3. King of pent

    4. 10 sword reversed

    5. 8 cups reversed

    6. 4 wands

  • OMG .. support yourself and don't let cards determine what your future may be. How silly that is.

    Go with what you feel. I'm so sorry, I don't put much store in tarot cards. You might as well throw the dice and see how they roll.

  • well, the outcome is the 4 of wands, which can mean a celebration. It's a good card to get in the outcome, but i dont know if this was a good spread for your question. You might want to rephrase your question, too. Something like: What will be the result of me auditioning for American Idol. Something like that.

    In any case, I think you should go for it. If you win, you get to go. If not, then you get to see how much talent you really have. It might be a good wake up call, or it might give you a good opportunity. So do it, girl!

  • Thanks! I tried rephrasing the question like you said. I know what each individual card means, but i'm not very good at putting them together and analyzing them as a whole. Id be grateful if someone could help me with my new result:

    3 cups

    6 wands

    Ace of pentacles

    The world

    2 pentacles

    8 pentacles

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