What The Tarot cards mean to Me (swords)

  • Thu 18 Sep 08 at 19:09


    Friday 26 September 2008

    Ace of Swords

    First we see a clear blue sky and a hand holding a sword that comes from the left side of the card. Now we have a new thing that we must think about when this card comes up as you have to think though things. As well as thinking of things you could find out the facts or apply some logic to what ever is happening. Sometimes we must face are problems then we can overcome it by the strength within us. If we have setbacks we can try to see why they are happening and get others to help us. Sometimes to face the problem or to share it with others helps you and the others to help each other. We can all help each other if we allow it to happen. Sometimes we can go wrong and we can put it right by saying sorry or talking about it with someone that can help. Sometimes we don’t understand something so asking them to say it again will help you or them to understand what was said.

    for Saturday 27 September 2008

    2 swords

    The two of swords has a woman on the front of the card that has a blindfold on her head. She also wears a white dress and is holding two swords one going to the left and the other to the right.

    You need to take the blindfold off then you can show your true feelings or you are keeping a friend or family member at arm’s length. But you may be turning a deaf ear or hiding distress. You can keep your cool or you are not looking at the facts or pretending everything is fine.

    for Sunday 28 September 2008

    Three of swords

    This card has a gray sky with some white in it and has a heart with three swords in it. This could mean you are feeling heartbroken or causing someone to be heartbroken. You may be causing a heartbreak or you are suffering emotion pain or maybe hurting inside. It may be you get some bad news or having your feelings hurt. You may be feeling lonely or let down or letting someone down yourself.


    First on this card we can see a person made of brown wood that has it’s hands up in the air at the chest area. There is a sword below the brown person and also three swords above the brown person. I can see a colour window with a book and some wands.

    This card means we need to find a way to Rest or to take a break and allow your body to heal again. We all need some peace and quiet to let us relax and we can do that by watching DVDs or making something. But we can make are life more easy by listening to others or listen to the inner voice. You may like to take some time to think or stand back from a situation and review where you are. But it is saying you can get ready for the future and tie up any loose ends.


    I see a gray sky, a blue sea and some sand and there are three men on the sand. One man is holding three swords and there are two swords on the sand next to him. There is a man next to the sea with his face looking at the sea and sand near to him. Another man is walking to the man with his face looking at the sea as he is not happy.

    This is showing me that the man that is unhappy is or maybe looking after himself and only thinking of what he what’s. There may have been in a battle and there have lose the battle or so they think they have. There is however one man standing with three swords, two of them in his left hand and one in his left hand. He knows they may still be able to win the battle but the other man does not know they have three swords to use. There may be a hostile environment or there is a feeling that others are against you. But ir may be that then are thinking that others are against you and there are not. Or you have lose sight of what is right.

  • Six of swords

    On the six of swords I can see some green land with a tree and there is some water. On this water is a boat and there are two people in the front area that look like they are women. At the back of the boat a man is putting a stick into the water to make the boat move. One lady is wearing a pink top and the other person is wearing yellow and I can’t see the head. The man is wearing Black boots and blue trousers with a blue top and over that he has an orange and green thing.

    We are feeling sad as we are only just keeping our head above water and working heard to get though the day. We may feel depressed or we are trying to avoid something that makes us feel low or high. We may be recovering from being sad or picking up the pieces and we are just starting to cope. If we are getting our heath back then we are feeling better now but still need time to make a full recovered. You may be traveling to a better place or area or becoming a better person. So things may be right or things may be wrong.

  • Thu 2 Oct 08

    Seven of Swords

    There is a gold type of colour on the ground with the gold to orange colour in the sky. In the background there are four people three are sat down and one is standing up with a stick in his or her right hand. There are some tents in the picture and a man that wears red boots, blue trousers and a brown top. He his black hair and is wearing a red hat. He is about to carry away with him five swords. There is another two swords that have the tip in the ground.

    You are trying to run away from something you have maybe done or you are not going to face the music. You are trying to take the easy way out and hiding the truth and you feel you don’t need anyone else as you want independence. You may have decide not to help someone or you are keeping something to yourself. You may be keeping people at arms length or that you are deceiving yourself and covering your tracks and letting others take the rap. Maybe you are lying to others or stealing things from others.

  • Fri 3 Oct 08

    Eight of Swords

    On the eight of swords we have a woman dresses in red with black hair. She has rope round her body so she can not move her arms and she can’t see as her eyes are cover.

    This makes you feel bad as she is feeling restricted as she can’t move and is being fenced to be where she does not want to go. We all feel trapped at times and we do sometimes have limited power to do things. We all will feel trapped by the circumstances we are in and sometimes can’t get out of it. But sometimes we are feeling confused and we may be then unsure which way to turn or where to go for help. If you do lack direction in your life and you need someone to help you get back on the right direction go and see people that can help you. If you are doubting yourself then don’t just say I can’t get out of this as help is there and it is up to you to get it. So if you are feeling as if you are being force to do something you don’t like then ask for help.

  • Sat 4 Oct 08

    Nine of swords

    On the card we can see a woman with her hands over her face. Her hair goes inside her white top and she is sitting in a bed. The bed is red with a gold pillow and a blue sheet coving her legs. On the wall we can see nine swords.

    This means you are worrying or doubting yourself in some way. You may be making yourself sick over some type of trouble as you go though it again and again. This will make you feel anxious and tense as you get worked up feeling guilty. If you have done some type of offense then you are regretting it now so don’t do it again. Maybe you are trying to turn the clock back or you are refusing to forgive yourself. If you are focusing on your sins or bring hard on yourself then think you done your best. If you feel you reached your limits then talk to some people about what is making you unhappy. If you need to cry about something do it as it helps us get over it. Try not to have sleepless nights and try to enjoy life.

  • Sun 5 Oct 08

    Ten of Swords

    We see a sky with black, gray and yellow in it and the sea has no ships on it. We see a man with 10 swords in him on some sand.

    This card is saying we have no where to go only to the dark side of life or is it. If you like to think that way that you are going to the dark side then you will not help yourself as we all have times that we are at are lowest point. We also feel things can’t get any worse and we must think of what happen. If you feel like a victim and you don’t have the power to do things then goto the police and ask for help. But if its being a victim at work then goto the boss. There are always ways of going to find help if you care to find it. If you are always letting people go first or letting them use you as a doormat then stop and think. Why should you let others use you as that doormat and why should I not go out and enjoy myself. Why am I the only person that looks after the kids. Get the help you need.

    Mon 6 Oct 08

    Page of Swords

    We see on this card that there is a young female person standing on the top of a hill. She is holding a sword in both hands and its on the left side of her. The sword is pointing up and this young person is wearing red boots, Yellow tights and a pink top. Her arms are cover with yellow and she has brown hair which is tide back. In the back ground we can see a tree on her right side and the sky is blue with some white clouds. She is looking to her right and there are some birds flying in the sky at the top of the card.

    This young lady his seen that if she was to use her head she can analyze the problem she has. She can then use her logic and reason to look into what is going wrong in her life and she can then develop a plan to help her on her way. She may need to study or do some research in order to find out where she can go for help to learn more. If she would like to teach others then she would know how to do it well and she would think everything through. She would need to be a very trustworthy lady and has showed it at school, college or work. She is a person that can face the facts as she has learned to stop deceiving others. She also will clear up any confusion that has happen and speak directly to others. She will right any wrong that she has made as she accept responsibility and acknowledge the other person point of view. She will not be discouraged as she meets the setbacks with her new energy as she will keep trying until she gets what she would like to get.

    Tue 7 Oct 08

    Knight of Swords

    We see a knight on a horse moving fast as we can only see one tree and the earth on the ground. There is a blue sky and some clouds. The knight does have sliver boots and a red top with a sliver hat. He holds a sword in his right hand.

    The knight of swords is a person that gets straight to the point but may also be outspoken and rude. He will not mince with his words or spare the feelings of other people and well let others know where they stand. This person can’t hold there tongue as they put there foot in it all the time by letting others know where they stand. They will give you a honest answer and if you don’t like it then don’t try to get them to say something else. He will not spare the feelings of others as he does not care for others anyway. He is always overbearing as he commands attention from others and he will force a position on others. He gives orders but no one likes him as he acts in a high handed manner. He bits into your core of your body as he is not sensitive to others and is not liked. He will get ideas off others and use them for himself and not allow the others to have any comeback. They go round thinking they know it all and they are always right. Well try to tell you more on any topic they think they know about. They always have the last word as they treat people just like numbers. They will not like the law and not brother to use it as they think they are always right. There are not into crying as they take everything as a joke. So a very bad person and there are people that are like this card.

    Wed 8 Oct 08

    Queen of Swords

    The queen of swords is sitting in a stone chair facing the right hand side and is on some land. She is wearing white and his a red thing coming down the back of her head. There is some small trees and some grass here and there. She his a sword in her right hand.

    The lady is very honest as she like to face up to the truth even if it’s unpleasant for her. She will play by the rules and is up front with others and will not lie’s. This lady is very good at finding out what the situation is and will understand the hidden motive. She is difficult to fool or to tick as she can figure out the unspoken rule. She is open to new dealings as she gets to the heart of the matter and is a straightforward way. She has a sense of humor and will use it herself to say never take anything too seriously. She has seen it all and knows how to give people good things.

    Thu 9 Oct 08

    King of Swords

    This man has blue on that like the old days is like a lady’s dress. He his a red coat on at well but as in the old days no buttons. He is wearing his crown and has a sword in his right hand. The are three trees in the background and some blue sky with some clouds at the back of the picture.

    This king is a creative person that to take on a challenge through his ideas as he carry’s out research. He will think before doing things and use logic and he likes playing games with logic in them. He can break up complicated subjects to debate the talk. He will be able to understand a problem quickly or learn a new language quickly. He can always talk to others about any ideas he has and could become the spokesperson in meetings. He could be a writer or leader of a group and will live on high principles.

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