What are you picking up about my health?

  • Doctors are just now paying attention to my issue.

    Birthday is 14th October 1986.

    Insight would be much appreciated..

    Urinary tract infection?
    Ovarian cysts?
    Sexually transmitted infection /
    Disease ( although I have not been with anyone intimately since December and that was somebody 2 years I was with)
    God forbid... cancer.

    My urine analysis came back negative , so doctors are not prescribing antibiotics.

    Feeling awful.


  • @Jana-Star not paying attention!!

  • What are your symptoms?

  • It seems to me that every person should take care of their health, but as for me, I don’t even know where to start supporting my body.

  • It all depends on what worries you. If there are any problems, start by solving them. If everything is generally in order, then I advise you to maintain a general state of health. It seems to me that cannabis can have a positive effect on the body. I also bought seeds at Herbies Seeds so I can grow cannabis at home without worrying about quality.

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