Nine of cups and sun reversed combination meaning

  • Hello, this is my first post on here 👋🏻 I have just started to try to learn to read tarot for myself and while I get the basics I’m not sure what it means if I get Nine of cups upright and the sun reversed (they came out together) as the future of my question regarding a no contact love situation?? All combinations I’ve found online are only of the sun is upright and not reversed. Also nine of cups is showing itself most times I shuffle either by flying out or I notice it while shuffling. I know this is meant to mean spirit is trying to get my attention but I’m unsure how this fits? Thank you ☺

  • @Flexy796 Flexy, the nine of cups is usually called the wish card. It can speak of your wish will be granted.
    The sun card can also speak of a successful outcome. But being Reversed it can mean many things. it all depends on the question being asked and the cards drawn. Reversed cards can have several meanings such as.....No answers. Internalising factors. Blocked energy. To much energy or too little, and delays.
    I would say the cards are saying Your wish for this will not be successful.

    I hope that somewhat helps you.

  • The psychic reading of this spread says you are trying too hard and your question is not in line with what spirit wishes you would ask. Give this issue a break and do your next pull with no expectations and just ask for a general "what does spirit want me to know right now". BLESSINGS!

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