Capricorn Man

  • I have been talking to this capricorn man, we are both in relationships. When we first started it was because my partner got sick and he has been getting worst ever since. He can't perform and had 3 strokes. He just came home had a child and gf. We sleep together several time and it's been a year now. On one had he says we can never be together, but then always ask me when am I getting a place.

    When we see each other we can't keep our hand off each other. He is really busy, but will text some times and then other times he will tell me text him. He says noone can ever know because the one common denominator is my ill mate. When I say something about his gf he says he isn't married, but we can't ever be together.

    Then he will turn around and say are you willing to do this or he will say- if I asked you to run away would you. Then if I say do you want me to leave you alone or stop calling he says no. I am so confused I am, and some times he says to me that he is confused.

    He will say do you know how serious this, and I'll ask again do you want me to stop, and he says no. I am in love with him now, and am so confused because my mate is very ill and won't be here soon. Then he says listen to me when he is gone you are going to meet someone who is going to treat you like a queen watch I promise you that you will. When he know I am in love with him

    Am wondering what is he trying to do to my mind. do I just prepare to leave him alone and choose to be by myself once my partner is gone?

  • Capricorn males are all about control. This guy wants you to be the person HE desires. He will try to mold you to his needs and break your independence and will and individuality. He wants a partner who is just like him, except for the controlling bit. Do not allow this or you will end up a mere copy of him.

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