Gemini male seen so confusing to me?

  • I’m a Sagittarius female and I was dating a Gemini male.
    At first it was going amazing, we really had so many laughs together, had great sexual attraction & chemistry.
    Then I noticed he started to go up and down. A little bit like a roller coaster bipolar.
    One minute it was like he wanted me then the next really cold distant and angry. Mood swings.
    In the end I said I can’t deal with this, blocked him and after 3 months no contact he reached out Apologized for his behavior and said I treated him amazing and that he’s like to see me I said ok let’s meet. Then lock down went and happened which stopped us from meeting. He then went cold and distant again I asked him if he was alright perhaps it was stress due to everything I heard nothing from him. Then I see someone on social media I couldn’t pin point what it was but I’m really really honest person if anyone else is a sag they may know how honest you are and sometimes it gets us into trouble. Anyways I sent him a message saying hey are you seeing someone else I see something weird online thought I’d ask you about it perhaps why you’ve gone cold. He said I was crazy, paranoid and a stalker. He then blocked me on everything but kept me on Snapchat. He kept me on Snapchat for 3 days would say to me I’m sorry but I’m done I don’t like being accused of anything I said I didn’t accuse you I just wanted be honest and ask you a question you go really hot and cold. I said look it’s fine I wish you the best regardless. He then snapped chatted me next day saying how amazing I looked on my story I just wrote thank you and he put you’re welcome baby. Then the next day out nowhere he blocked me on there too.
    Honestly I have never dated someone like this before? And not really sure what to do tbh as I feel slightly lost about it all? I am obviously In no contact right now focusing on myself & plus I cant contact him on anything anyways as his blocked me.
    Is this man showing toxic traits?

  • Wow, weird and confusing behaviour.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Yes this is a toxic guy. Beware! Controlling people try to make you think you are crazy but it is in fact them who are unbalanced.

  • This is what I thought. Toxic behavior and very confused. It was hurting my brain. I’m
    2 weeks into no contact & still blocked on everything. I kind of believe the things I hear now about Gemini men have twin personalities one is amazing and the other is cold.

  • Yes Geminis have two faces.

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