Please help with my reading

  • I am just learning to read the tarot cards and decided to do a reading for myself today.
    Decided on past, present and future but with the focus on love.
    The cards in order were 3 of swords, 3 of cups and 10 of cups.
    Can anyone give me more in depth understanding of the meaning of this reading please?
    Thanks x

  • @Freyalynn Freyalynn, Past, 3 of Swords. Your last relationship did not go well. Some very nasty words may have been said, which have left you feeling badly hurt by the experience.
    3 of Cups, the present.Now is a time for you to focus on having some fun in your life. Go out and socialise with friends or people you are close to who you enjoy being around. Have a ball and let your hair down. Bring some laughter and happiness back into your life.
    The future, 10 of Cups ( lovely card ) You will find love again in the future. It will be a loving and fulfilling relationship.

    So all in all the three cards are saying. You've been hurt in the past. But now its time to forget about finding love and just concentrate on yourself and finding self happiness with the things that bring you joy in life. As one day in the future love will walk into your life and you will be ready for a committed relationship.

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