Beginner tarot reading -explanation needed x

  • I have just started learning to read the tarot cards. I decided to read for myself Past, present and future. My cards in order were 3 of swords, 3 of cups and 10 of cups.

    Could someone please give me a more in depth understanding of this reading please.

    Thank you x

  • @Freyalynn
    Which deck did you use?
    What was the context of the question?
    Love, work, etc?
    3 of swords speak of heartbreak.. maybe a sense of betrayal ...
    3 of cups can speak of celebration on some level, being with friends or those of like mind. while 10 of cups can speak of family, unity, hope . completion ...

    general overview ... maybe in the past you dealt with some heartbreak now in the present it is about celebrating what you have right now ... while in the future there is a possibility of family, of things coming together on some level ...

    Looking at the cards .. look at what the characters are doing? What colours stand out? anything in the imagery seems of value to the moment?

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