Just started with a Cancer Man_I am a Scorpio woman, it came on really strong...

  • Insight please: I am a 44 yr old Scorpio woman (10/26) who meant (totally by accident) a 47 year Cancer man. It happen while I was spending sometime in Washington DC (my home town - I live in St. Thomas) I had planned to move back to MD/DC with my family and look for employment there; while there I went out with friends and meant this Cancer man who lived on a boat in the boatyard that my friend previously had a kept her boat, we meant at a little restaurant and it was "bam" he came on really strong, he was very much a gentleman and he was handsome and kind - we have a lot, a lot in common.

    He called we went out, we became close and for the time I spent in MD I was with him every night all most - the thing is, the first evening that I went to his boat, we had been out and I jokingly said "I hope that you don’t have some crazy ex around here" and he stopped and said "well I want to talk to you about that" - it turned out that he started dating this woman who had (still has) her boat slip parked 3 slips away and my girlfriend I was with when I meant him knows her very well (she seems to be a very successful business woman who broke off from him by texting him a message saying "you cannot support me the way I want" - she is a Taurus) anyway, after he told me this I thought it was pretty weird and I asked him about him going back to her and of course his reply was " no". I did find a card and a picture of her in his draw, also they dated for 6 months and ended in July - I meant him end of August.

    We continued our happy times, great sex; great fun with his friends and everyone was telling us how great we were together. I ended up having to come back to St. Thomas (I leave with a very old man (a Sag) - we have a plutonic relationship). I felt so overwhelmed leaving him, he took off of work and stayed with me for 3 days - the last day was intense and we both cried - he cried but he did not ask me to stay and he knows I would have if he asked.

    I am back in St. Thomas and I am going back to DC November 2nd - by doing this I will have a great struggle but I miss him and he is so happy I am coming back - but I feel something is off.

    I am a Scorpio woman so I do have my own secrets and I enjoy my time alone, plus I also have my own life that I want to keep my own.

    Insights please.

  • I really feel that if you rush things it could possibly ruin what you have. Since you live far from eachother....enjoy the time when you visit and start keeping very close in touch through phone, email etc. when you are away from eachother....until the time seems right to maybe make a bigger committment.

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