i want my own family

  • i want to get married and having my own family could u see in coming future my birthdate is 17 feb 1996

  • no one replied me yet?

  • 2021 is looking very promising for you on the romance, home and family fronts. But I feel your work/career may be more important to you overall. You may have difficulty sustaining long-term relationships until you are thirty or forty years old - before then, you can fall into power struggles. If your passive-aggressive tendencies don't find a balance, you may experience subtle or not-so-subtle control issues and issues of dependence and independence in all types of relationships. On the plus side, you can be exceptionally attentive and enjoyable to be with and, as you begin working your powerful combination of energies in the positive, you will become able to sustain happy, passionate and mutually supportive relationships. However, although you can be a dedicated parent and a loving partner, your work will almost always be the centre of your life, and it helps if you find a self-sufficient partner who understands your dedication to your career at the outset.

    Essentially, what you really want is to be your own person, to be the centre of attention, to discover yourself in different life situations, and to surround yourself with people who feed you energy. To achieve this, you need to refocus your attention away from yourself and discover the nature of the people who have been drawn to you. Once you discern which people truly love and admire you and want to support you, and once you begin to feed them energy, the energy that comes back to you will create the situation you want. Your Achilles' Heel however is self-involvement ("My survival depends on looking out for myself first, and others should make sure my needs are met regardless of anyone else's concerns.") But if you feel that others have to constantly fill your needs for you to feel safe and connected, you will find you need even more attention and energy just to feel OK. You need to find people and partners YOU can give to, individuals who will feel so energised by you that they will naturally fill your cup in reciprocal appreciation. Satisfaction lies in connecting with those who see you for who you are, appreciate you, and want to give back to you. The trap you fall into is an unending search for independence ("If I can just be self-sufficient enough, I'll have the confidence to relate successfully with others and I won't feel so lonely.") But you'll never feel a strong enough sense of self to become part of a team that way. Take the risk of losing yourself in supporting others, and you will feel the joy and glory of your true self shining through.

  • thankx vm

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