• Hello @TarotNick!

    Hope you are doing great.

    I want to ask for your advice. I know that this all depends on my decision.

    I recently had an issue on work about bullying/ harassment where I plan to file for a complaint. What I wanted is for those agressors to realize they are already crossing the line and that they should realize when to stop. I found out that if proven guilty, the punishment is dismissal from work.

    I want justice, but I don't want to be the reason someone losses job. This issue has already given me too much anxiety and stress.

    Any advice on how should I proceed?

  • Hi RaspberryGirl,
    For me... we go through modules each year about bullying and harassment. We are told to report any incidents not worrying about reprisals. If you tell the truth and you state what had happened honestly then any repercussions that may happen was from the carless actions that caused it. The questions I would ask myself is was it a one time thing where I can dismiss it? Have I let the person know that I was not happy? you say aggressors so that is plural so more than one person making a situation not fun. in the end all you can do is be honest and truthful and let HR do what they do...they will have steps to follow and it should be looked into...if you don't want it happening to others.
    Hope that helps,

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