What's your opinion of Gemini Sun people and Gemini Energy?

  • Because it is Gemini season, I wanted to know others opinions of Gemini sun people. Why does it seem most people do not like this zodiac sign? Is there a difference between May and June Geminis?

  • They just have allot of talkative, scattered energy which can be hard to handle for some people. But this depends on the person.

    I had a Gemini girlfriend which she would just scatter dump her day on me, which at first felt like much because I couldn't keep up with everything she was saying. But then we clarified that she doesn't expect a response from me on every item and just needs for me to listen and we were good lol.

    As far as differences between a May Gemini and June Gemini really has more to do with your individual birth chart rather than it being in May or June. Since it would be based on other planets at your individual time of birth that would make the difference. Ie. one person having their Mercury planet in Gemini and another in Taurus etc.

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  • @Bluangel27
    I know this was last month. As a Gemini Sun and Rising a few things come to mind.

    1. . I can completely contradict myself in the same sentence and both things be true. It can confuse people who think "all or nothing". For example, if I say "I loved that tv show it was so stupid." Both things are true it just happened to be a stupid show I loved watching.

    A Gemini can understand how someone in oil business is also a big environmentalist. The opposition can be true. Others won't see it - for the oil field is an environmental destroyer and the buck stops there for them. But the big oil guy who drives electric, plants trees, recycles, uses solar, saves the forest, but works in oil simply has a split interest.

    1. Scatter brained is another. It's because I pick up the surface of a lot of little things at same time. I can devote to one topic or interest but am capable of switching if it becomes a bore.

    2. It used to drive people nuts I could read a book and watch tv at same time and not miss a beat.

    3. Being tactless. Gemini can make an emotional statement with a blunt affect because they are capable of speaking from the mind or logic about matters of emotion/heart. It comes across wrong but isn't meant to be that way. It's simply trying to find logic in emotion or understand the mental reason why we or someone is feeling a certain way. This, for me, may be the case as I have Pisces moon influence and my sun is on the edge of the 12th house.

    • Also - a biggest misinterpretation is that we are dual personalities with an evil one lingering waiting to come out. I think for me, I don't express when im hurt until it's repeated for too long. Even a gentle friendly dog will bite if constantly provoked. And when I count to ten my brain goes 1.... 10 BAM!

  • it depends on the people how they handle the situation

  • Gemini Sign is governed by planet Mercury, which represents communication, mentality, thinking patterns, reasoning, adaptability, and variability. So, naturally, they have bright and lit-up minds. They are naturally curious about the world and they have full of interesting topics to learn and think about.

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