What's your opinion of Gemini Sun people and Gemini Energy?

  • Because it is Gemini season, I wanted to know others opinions of Gemini sun people. Why does it seem most people do not like this zodiac sign? Is there a difference between May and June Geminis?

  • They just have allot of talkative, scattered energy which can be hard to handle for some people. But this depends on the person.

    I had a Gemini girlfriend which she would just scatter dump her day on me, which at first felt like much because I couldn't keep up with everything she was saying. But then we clarified that she doesn't expect a response from me on every item and just needs for me to listen and we were good lol.

    As far as differences between a May Gemini and June Gemini really has more to do with your individual birth chart rather than it being in May or June. Since it would be based on other planets at your individual time of birth that would make the difference. Ie. one person having their Mercury planet in Gemini and another in Taurus etc.

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