Can anyone help with my husband's health problems?

  • This is for anyone willing to do a health reading for my husband, he recently went in the hospital and found out he had heart failure, and anxiety. He hasn't been able to sleep. His birthday is 8-25-62. Will his health improve? Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!

  • This is your husband's year to change his attitude to his health - he needs to deal with his anxiety and any other issues he may have. This is his year to turn into a completely different person and adapt a whole new health regime. The heart attack was his wake-up call.

  • Thank you so much for your insight! His business has really stressed him out over the years and it has finally took a toll on his body. Thank you again for your reply!

  • @Libra2222 if it means he enjoys better health, his business must change or even close down and a new lifestyle adopted. He must get his priorities straight.

  • We have to keep our body fit, both physically and mentally. Many people struggle with their health when their body lacks physical fitness. So, we have to exercise daily. If your husband doesn't care about his body, then you must care. Wake him up early in the morning and join him with a morning walk. Most common exercises are good for your body to be healthy. And, it is good to keep a healthy diet as well. I'm also a writer freelancing with various custom writing services. I use to do exercises in the morning and yoga. It helps me to get a fresh start for the day. We have to work out when we are healthy. We have to care about our body too.

  • What is the actual health issue that he has got? I mean the exact disease. My dad is almost of the same age of your husband, and he has similar health problems. However, the idea is that he has always treated anxiety like it is not a great problem. So, now he realised that it is not such a little issue. After the heart failure he decided to start and take care of himself. He is really old school you know, and when i advised him to smoke weed, he almos shot me. However, i ordered some cbd from, and we made everything so he consumes it without even knowing it. Right now, he is probably the most calm human being on the planet, and is also a great weed fan.

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