Advise on Pisces man

  • I’ve been dealing with my Pisces man for a few months . We have not been speaking fo the past month so just the other day I decided to reach out to him to see what’s going on . I told him he miss him and I hope he’s doing ok and then told me he thinks I have someone else . All because someone at our job said we messed around (which isn’t true ) . He kept responding with short answers until he didn’t respond anymore.

    We didn’t talk in the past month because he was being distance so I told him I’ll give him his space. If I text him he always answers, even if it’s short ..

    I don’t know know what to do at this point

  • He is thinking more about himself than you and trusting idle gossip over your own truth. Is this the sort of relationship you want or think you deserve? You can do better. When there is no trust, a relationship is doomed.

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