What made him drop me suddenly?

  • My boyfriend dropped me suddenly, he’s a Cancer with an Aquarius moon and a Gemini Venus.

    He started to go cold with me, and very distant, I started to suspect he was speaking to an ex again and possibly got back with her behind my back.

    When I was with him last Saturday to Monday we had a good time, he was normal with me but it’s when I leave him I don’t hear from him and he makes no effort to call me.

    So I “accused” him of being back with his ex and cheating on me, then he started to act a victim and wanted me to apologise to him.

    Then I apologised to him (I know I shouldn’t have) and he just broke it off with me saying that he never said we was together, and he never loved me, and never saw me in that way. It was really evil like it came out of nowhere he basically said that everything he said in the past was a lie and I took it the wrong way.

    He then changed his number, out of nowhere and disappeared. Now I’m broken. I’m learning to accept, and let go it’s only been a week but of course as you can imagine when someone drops you just like that out of nowhere it leaves you confused and insecure about yourself wondering if you are good enough for anyone at all.

    I just want a little insight as to why he dropped me, and why he suddenly wanted to break up with me. Did he get bored of me? And just wanted to have something new? I was so good to him and I treated him well and never gave him headache it’s only when I started to suspect him cheating on me I started to stress him out.

  • This guy will always have at least two romantic partners on the go and will be hard to pin down to a real commitment to one person. He always wants the new and yes he does bore easily, but that is his fault, not yours. He is innately restless and always looking to move on once things become routine. He is also very self-reliant and prizes his independence - he doesn't like to depend on or trust anyone else but himself. He needs long periods of solitude which can be hard on a partner. This is not a lifestyle that will make him happy in the end though. It will actually confuse him rather than help him. If it's any consolation, he won't stay with his ex for long, either.

  • @TheCaptain thank you. Do you think it may be a case where he goes between the both of us because he did love me at one point too? Not that I want him back but I was told by a psychic to expect him to come back

  • @Pisces93 if he comes back, it will be temporary - until he finds another romantic replacement for you. This immature guy loves the excitement of having several partners on the go, but commits to none.

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