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  • I came to this site many years ago seeking guidance with some issues in my life. I was ready to accept responsibility and deal with any issues that were affecting my ability to be successful. Unfortunately, things kept getting worse. I did some research and found out that a death hex had been placed on me. All kinds of people come to this site. Most are people with good intentions. Some aren't. If you've been getting readings for awhile, and new problems crop up, especially weird ones, consult a professional witch or spellcaster immediately. Don't mess around like I did. Many opportunities were lost due to this person directing negative energy my way. I didn't know how to protect myself from it. Pets and people in my life died from mysterious illnesses and before their time. The bottom line: every time you come here, pray, meditate, visualize a white light around you. If you feel sick or are upset, it may be best to wait until you're better before requesting a reading. Clear your mind before asking questions. I didn't know these things before hand and my negativity attracted the hex. Most seeking readings will be OK, but I have a feeling that this person will be around again and may do the same thing to an unsuspecting person.

  • @mh83 I also wanted to add that the best kind of person to remove one of these spells is a white magic practitioner. Some black magic practitioners will eliminate the death spell by sending it back to the source-the person who put it on. The goal is to neutralize it and send it back to the Earth to neutralize the energy. If you get help from a black magic witch, you may end up playing ping pong, with the death hex/energy block going back and forth. You will almost always need help to get rid of one of these hexes. The witch that put one on me feared being attacked by me. They were picking up their own energy.

  • @mh83 that sounds awful! How do you know if a hex was or ever has been put on you?

  • @TulipLilly There's no surefire way to tell, but I once saw a death hex described as a block of positive energy. Most of us will get a mix of energies. But with a death hex, the dark energy will dominate. For me, the smoking gun was that I started behaving in ways that didn't make sense. I'm normally a very laid-back person, but I started getting angrier and angrier. I ended up in a situation that got me expelled from school. It was so bizarre and out of character that people still talk about it. Death hexes are supposed to look natural, so the spellcaster will often make it look like the person had a nervous breakdown or severe mental illness before death. That way their bizarre death will be completely explainable.

    A person may have trouble finding employment or lose a job. A promotion may be denied for no reason. Friends may dump you. I had people repeatedly rip me off. People in your life may die suddenly and with no explanation. It may just be bad luck, but it's never a bad idea to ask for a protection spell if your efforts to get back on track have failed.

  • @mh83 I know of a few examples of notable people who probably died from death hexes. One guy started hearing voices and displaying symptoms of dementia. He had been sober, then his drinking got out of control. He went downhill very quickly after suffering from liver failure.

    Another man had a mild brain disease. He was fired from his job for displaying bizarre behavior. He ended up in a home for those with mental illness. His behavior got him in trouble again and he was killed by his roommate. This is a typical example of a person who died from a hex. It was confirmed. The witch didn't like the man due to personal reasons.

    There's one man that I'm deeply concerned about that was hexed. So far, he has only experienced the voices and has struggled to find work, which is very unusual for him. Fortunately, he knows enough to protect himself. I'm hopeful that he will beat it. The witch that hexed him did so because of his behavior. He was supposed to contract HIV/AIDS which would kill him. She previously tried to kill him by a fall.

    If one is thankful and grateful 🙏 it goes a long way in mitigating the worst of it.

  • @mh83 do you know if there is a way to increase positive energy in ones life for good luck with health, making difficult life choices? I don't think anyone has ever done that to me. It sounds like it would be so out of character when it does happen. I did have one of my friends in school betray me. But I don't think she casted a spell on me. I did have a run of bad luck befall me for a time after that. But its hard to say if she caused that or not. My bf at the time did wind up breaking up with me.

  • @mh83 I'm sorry you went through all that. I hope you are doing better now.

  • Spirituality seems to help a lot. Asking for protection from the universe or a higher power is good. If you know anyone who is a white magic practitioner there are spells that can help.

  • Sorry that happened to you.

  • @mh83 From some of the other posts here, I'm doubtful that this "witch" has changed their ways. They're still practicing their brand of crummy unethical magick on unsuspecting people. The game is up. It took me awhile to develop the ability to speak to Spirit, but I have that ability now. Spirit warned you many times to discontinue the practice of unethical magick. Your life is going to change. It's karma for interfering with the lives of those you read for. Spirit tried to teach you to be more tolerant, but you ignored the message. You are not protected this time. Spirit does not wish to frighten you, but you will be forced to accept what is coming. It won't be something that you can avoid.

  • I wanted to share a link on ethical magick.


  • I feel foolish for not realizing what was going on sooner. The readings I started getting here just didn't add up. It's not the psychic/medium's fault, it was the death hex. There were so many red flags. They don't just hurt the victim of the hex, they also hurt family members who agreed to incarnate with them before birth. They shouldn't be placed on younger people. The younger victims are the saddest to see. Many would've changed their ways, gotten good jobs and started families, but instead died in bizarre ways that made no sense to loved ones left behind. The ones that don't are left with a mountain of karma that they must resolve in the next life. This isn't a "Why me?" moment, I just want to help people who may have been hexed. And if anyone here is considering using one, there's a difference between putting one on an unrepentant rapist and someone who is just trying to get back on their birth chart and has lost their way temporarily.

  • @TulipLilly I wanted to stress again how a death hex is different from bad luck. If you had been under one, your bf wouldn't just have dumped you, he would've spread rumors about you that would make you undesirable to respectable men. Your next relationship would be with an abusive man or a man trying to rip you off.

    Your friend would've gotten you expelled from school and you wouldn't be able to get into another school. You would be forced to drop out and get a low wage job. This would be the pattern for the rest of your life. You would also develop mental issues, that you would probably use drugs and alcohol to medicate. Your life would be significantly shorter than you had planned on.

    Death hexes don't discriminate nor do they take into consideration the good things people have done. I used to attend Mass every Sunday and considered myself a very spiritual person. Due to rumors that were started, I am no longer welcome at many churches in my area. Spiritual people can tell when one is possessed or under a hex.

  • @mh83
    what is a death hex?
    take care and stay safe

  • @Jayann
    Well, to put it simply, it's the manipulation of someone's energy through the use of witchcraft. As the name implies, the ultimate goal is to kill the victim. If white magic is used, the intended will only die if they're terminally ill and the person will be at peace before death. If black magic is used, chaos will ensue until the victim dies. The victim attracts dark energy and negative events occur together, such as divorce, expulsion from school for a minor offence or firing from a job without cause and loss of friends and family. The person becomes unrecognizable and people begin focusing on the person's negative qualities and flaws, which are often exaggerated or completely fabricated under the hex. The usual causes of death for those under a black magic death hex are overdose, suicide and car accident. Murder is also common, as many people under death hexes attract the lowest energies.

  • @mh83
    Thank you so much for explaining
    Also for taking the time to reply.
    Take care and stay safe.

  • There are aspects of being under a death hex that are hard to accept. Simple removal early on likely would've prevented many of the most negative events that happened to me. It never occurred to me that people giving free psychic readings practiced black magic on unsuspecting victims. Upon further research, I have found this to be a common practice. I just wanted to know how things were going to turn out for me in life when I was getting those readings. There were good things that did come my way, but the opportunities were quickly destroyed. I didn't expect to be hexed. If the Universe doesn't want a person to die, even with the hex on them, they won't die. All it has the power to do is to make a person's life very difficult. A contrarian like me does not want to die, but after some of the sht I have gone through, I could see why they might. A lot of the shtty things that happened have caused me to feel the opposite way.

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