Can I get a reading on this man ?

  • Him 01/13/1986
    Me 08/28/1991

    Will this Capricorn man and I ever get into a serious committed relationship? Where is this heading ? What is hiding that he is not telling me ? Is he into me and for what reasons ? Why is he not contacting me often ? Where do you see this relationship between him and heading ? Do you see marriage between me and him in the near future ??

  • This would be a good relationship for marriage. But you would have to accept that his work will always come first with this man. And that he can have trouble managing his feelings of anger and disappointment. The relationship itself can be extremely unforgiving as both of you will expect a lot from each other. As much as you might not like it, you have to allow this man to take the lead and decide the direction of the relationship as he likes to be the boss. But he is a charismatic flirt and may play around a lot before he settles on one partner.

  • @TheCaptain thank you for your reading. I've definitely noticed that he likes to be in charge and take charge of everything. If I try to make plans with him, he will find a reason to cancel, after a while I realized or can say learn, everything has to be on his term and when he is ready. It's a bit frustrating but heh I can deal lol.

    I just need to know what his situation is and should wait for him? I was told by a reader before that she sees us getting serious in a relationship by November, but how can that be when he doesn't even call/text. Since week I finally told myself I'm wasting my time and delete his number from my inbox, the funny thing is while doing so, my damn big thumb clicked on facetime, and my phone facetime him it rings once before I caught it. He texts me after I gave all one-word responses before shutting it down and letting him know I was working and that it was an accident face timing him. I haven't heard from him since. I do want him and wanna marry him and have his kids but I need to know what the outcome if I stick around and wait for him.

  • The bad news is that he is going through a year of letting go of everything and everyone he feels he doesn't need in his life. If he doesn't come back to you in 2020, he is unlikely to ever do so. But why would you want to be with someone who would want to control you and never let you have a say or make a decision in the relationship anyway?

    Your good news is that this can be a special year of attainment for you professionally, so put all thoughts of romance aside and focus your energy on career opportunities and achieving long-term security. It will pay off big-time for you.

  • @TheCaptain honestly I don't know why I want him so much idk... Feelings I guess I can't even put a word to it. Right now I'm fighting with them to release myself from it.

    You're right, It has been one hell of a year so far for me. It has been an impactful year of letting go, come to think of it I was thinking of him a lot over the years so maybe he came back so I can finally see what I was holding on to for so long so I can finally let go. Probably unfinished business. My career and professional has been amazing this year, and it's getting even better, I feel so much clarity going further about going back to school and working on myself. He's is a mere distraction I'm going to need to let go of.

  • @Fancysolia haha you go girl, don’t let no man dictate your happiness. Girl power ⚡

  • I think over the years this guy has become more an ideal fantasy than reality to you. Maybe you are just feeling the urge to reach out to someone for support and comfort - loneliness can make the biggest loser look good.

  • @TheCaptain omg you hit it right on the mark, I actually reached out to him at a time when I was feeling lost and just alone and I just kept thinking the last time I felt safe was years prior when I met him. I was younger and had no stress in my life. I wanted to go back there again. You're right I was trying to escape and live in a fantasy for just a while. I've realized this a while back and just brushed it to the side because I needed it. What I need to do is move on and let him stick with his on/off girlfriend he has. He told me they broke up and I just knew he was lying about it. I didn't want to accept that he loves her and is choosing her.

    I do need to let go and focus on what important here and that is my job. I'm stressed out and worried about it. Do you see me staying at this job long and getting promoted?

  • 2020 is the time for you to be organized and practical, to gather information before making decisions, and to avoid overindulgence. It is a year of self-discipline and willingness to work. The year will tend to stimulate ambitious ideas and great plans. 2020 will be more successful if you define "success" as the accomplishment of what was intended. It is the best time for many years to make your dreams into realities. There are inspirational insights and great motives aplenty to be had now, but only the practical ones will succeed. At this time, luckily, you are likely to be more pragmatic, ambitious, disciplined, and confident than in other years. 2020 for you will also involve devotion to the well-being of others and the goodness of humanity. The year will provide opportunities for laying foundations for things of lasting value, likely on a grand scale. This project/s should be something that will benefit humanity as a whole, and not just your immediate circle. However, because this powerful period of building lasts only a year, it may be impossible for you to complete any large-scale projects before the end of the cycle. Therefore, concentrating on laying firm foundations and providing impetus for their continuation may be more practical than accomplishing entire projects within a year – depending on the projects, of course. 2020 might also be the beginning of a life changing relationship for you, be it romantic, business or spiritual. It is the year of the builder, a time for dealing with life with structure and organization. The atmosphere created must be one of trust, balance and brilliant connections which others. New aspects of your career, spirituality and creativity will be open as you finesse your life path.

    A challenge that might come up this year is the very block that is in your way of manifesting your ideas. Old belief systems about success or feeling the victim must be discarded. This can be your year to let go of these old destructive or self-defeating patterns and to embrace a richer, fuller life. Stepping back to last year, you were in a year of creativity and self-expression, but also it was about being guided by your own intuition and opinion - instead of listening to others' advice - and being able to focus, not being scattered or easily distracted. Was it a year of accomplishment or a year of learning about having your voice? You have to be meticulous in your planning and put in the hard work to complete your targets successfully this year. 2020 is more about making things happen rather than dreaming big. You will be able to convert your big visions into reality because of a practical approach and diligence. On the organizational front, you will be able to build a harmonious team - which is critical for success. You may be dealing with projects connected with various fields related to your profession, innovation or spirituality. All your ventures at this time will be fruitful and will see successful completion if you follow the year's advice. You may have to drastically change your old ideas and method of execution though, and formulate new ways of working based on new thoughts, but this is the year you can do it. Are you prepared to step into the fire? Are you ready to set the stage for important projects that will come to fruition in years to come? You’ll need a lot of patience and ability to “play well with others” and share the sandbox, so to speak. And yet also you’re being called upon to step up your enterprises and expand - take a risk and think bigger. This year is just the nuts-and-bolts phase. Still, this is also your time to blaze brightly and consider the satisfaction of setting the foundations for the manifestation of your longer terms plans. Stepping ahead to next year, 2021 will be all about adventure, flexibility, much activity and BIG change for you. Perhaps some of the building blocks of 2020 will continue to grow in that new relationship, job or project?

    Benefits of the Year:
    You will be expanding your enterprises and thinking big.
    You will be connecting and partnering with others on a deep level (rather than going it all alone) and focusing your efforts on making a difference in the world, no matter what that might mean to you
    You can expect to manifest the creative ideas from last year as well as an expanded sense of self.
    You will make radical progress when your goals are altruistic and geared toward the benefit of others.
    You can expect to make a strong and profound impact when you take your humanitarian enterprises to the next level.
    The year will offer you opportunities to bring your highest and best to the game.
    You will take bold steps with a new sense of emotional freedom and personal power.

    Potential Challenges of the Year:
    You’ll be working with limitation in various forms. This is a time where you’ll be tempted to either over-work or under-work.
    The year will require significant vision, focus, and effort to bring its (and your) energy up to its full potential.
    The energy will be intense all year and, unless you up the ante with your work and career goals, you will not see the fruits of your endeavours.
    The required devotion to your work efforts will often be at the expense of your personal relationships, so pace yourself and stop doing everything yourself.
    If you don’t take impeccable care of your health this year, you will pay the price.
    As well as a healthy dose of good old fashioned elbow grease, you must apply a heightened level of trust in yourself and the universe or things will spin out of control.
    Don’t expect to be an “overnight” success. Anything you create this year is meant to be in it for the long haul.

    The Questions you must ask yourself in 2020: “What are my healthy longer-range goals and how can I implement them?” “What am I building and creating that has long-range potential and is reflective of my spiritual mission?” 2020 will be quite intense and prod you to up the ante with your work and career goals, while placing personal relationships on hold or on the sidelines. This often will go hand-in-hand with expanding your enterprises and thinking bigger, broader, and more long-term.

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