Confused Scorpio

  • I’m so In love with my ex it’s been 8 years first man I ever fell in love with since we’ve been together and I’m still in love with him throughout the years I gave his space but then I moved to the same state that he lives in five hours away and I saw it as an opportunity to be in each others lives again he did not hold back from seeing me it was amazing every time we talk to each other he tells me he loves me when he came to see me It felt Like we could start a new flame he was so passionate and loving but when he went back home reality hit him and he told me he wants to be just friends I know this man loves me very much she helps me he calls me every day I’ve been falling back a little bit from him so I can get him back what else can I do it’s hard to not text him a joke and make him laugh He doesn’t like that I dance so I told him I would stop it doesn’t matter I just need some help on what I should do next besides being independent and taking care of myself I don’t want to completely cut him off because then he’ll give me the cold shoulder and it will hurt him I just wanted to be like how it was eight years ago when we live together and we’re so happy

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