Heaviness in my Room

  • Hi,
    I want to ask what's going on with my Room. One day I saw a black entity at the mid of the night sitting on my bed. Then after that I am not feeling well. Even it is hard for me to complete daily tasks in my Room, whenever I want to work in my Room, I feel so much heaviness in my body. Pain in legs, arms, headache, loss of sleep, inner sadness, sudden fever, fearness, sudden so much heat, and bad dreams, these are problems that I am facing in my Room. Kindly check what's problem. Do you think should I leave my Room?

  • You should clear your room of negativity with salt and burning sage - read on the internet about how to cleanse a room of bad vibes.

  • @TheCaptain what about using some sandalwood and holy water around the windows and door of the room, maybe around the bed? When I was young I used to have night terrors. My mom told me to put a mini bible or rosary under my pillow. If I woke up feeling scared or like something was in the room with me. I would pray and say the our father. I don't know what you believe in. But these are some things I have done in the past. Which have helped me. Good luck. Keep us posted 🙂

  • I have not heard of using sandalwood.

  • @Sara717 I. agree with @TheCaptain about salt and burning sage. Holy water works. All you have to do is get some water and bless it. I never heard of using sandalwood.
    Leaving your room will not solve anything because I doubt whatever it is can follow you.

    I usually call on Archangel Michael for protection and he helps. Imagining a white light of protection also works for me.

  • @TheCaptain my ex brother in law was Wiccan and he told me to use sandalwood incense. But I have heard that sage works too. I did forget to mention that I would imagine a white light around me at night to protect me. There is a guardian angel pray to recite as well. To call for protection from your guardian angel. I used to pray to Gabriel for protection. But I think any angel you feel a connection too would work.

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