Let go of ex

  • Why is it so hard to let go if my ex? We've had no contact since he broke up with me on April 7th. He moved on, why can't I? He avoids me, so I make no attempt to talk to him either. My DOB January 19, 1976. His is May 12, 1961. I want to move on and forget him! Help! We also work together, but he don't have to talk to each other unless absolutely neccesary. This is my second time posting. I love this site!

  • If you aren't able to move on, it means you cannot let go of the hope that things will turn around and that your ex will regret breaking up. There is no factual evidence of this so it is more fantasy than reality. You fall for someone by thinking about them all the time - if you want to fall out of love, make a disciplined effort to stop thinking about him.

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