When they let me out of here. I want to do......

  • Hi everyone
    I am beginning to crawl the wall because of this lockdown and isolation.
    So I started to think if I get out of here what I want to do
    I want to go to some botanical gardens and see their collections of plants if I can find the money and get someone to some with me.
    Yes I always have to have someone with me now.
    so frustration

    What do you want to do when you get out of lockdown?

  • ❤ I"ve been working full-time as a psychiatric intensive outpatient therapist, it's been a tough go. When this is over, I want to sleep for a month straight.
    lol ❤ All my best to you. Feet in the dirt can do wonders for feeling connected again.

  • @gladyouwroteme
    Thank you for all your hard work
    Thank you for answering
    When you have slept for a month then what?

  • @Jayann I went to my moms and we hung out together in the front yard with some chairs and a beer. Of course 6 feet apart and no hugging. I am seeing my girls for the first time this Wednesday. I am very excited. What kind of plants and/or flowers do you like?

  • @TulipLilly
    Actual see mum and dad in person,
    Same to see your daughters again.
    Now remember no hugging but maybe binoculars to closely inspect your girls. 😁
    plants and flowers
    well vegetables as I can eat them
    Flowers what ever takes my fancy, recently its poppies, lupins, and saw some beautiful irises.
    take care and stay safe.

  • @Jayann then travel!!!! Go see all the things!!!

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