Future love

  • I would like to know about my future love. I am a Capricorn 1/19/1976. My boyfriend broke up with me on April 7th with no reasonable explanation. Are we meant to be together, or will someone new come into my life. He is a Taurus 5/12/1961.

  • Your former relationship really does better for friendship than for love, so I don't see it ever re-forming as a further romance. There was perhaps only a superficial matchup, one based on similarities and practicalities but not enough depth or passion. Your ex could show a lack of tact and be very critical when expressing his opinions. Plus, he also has a tendency to hold back emotionally when it comes to his feelings.

    You Every1994 need to ensure that you don't lead a too traditional or routine lifestyle (or choose such a partner) as you have an imaginative, unconventional side that needs satisfying with excitement and adventure. There is a part of you that longs to mix with vivacious and passionate people. You can easily become bored with normalcy. You do however want to be taken care of financially. But you need to watch your mood swings as they can make you demanding and exacting. You can go from extremes of happiness to extremes of despondency so it is important for you to find an understanding, stable partner who can help you achieve a kind of balance and keep you on the straight and narrow. You need someone who enjoys your ardour but can also give you the occasional reality check, while keeping the excitement in the relationship. You must find a passionate adventurous partner with whom you can share a childlike sense of wonder and optimism - this will create a magical and intense bond.

    Working in the positive, you can bring stability, constancy, and feeling quality to your relationships. But you may have some trust issues that can centre on a subtle, underlying sense of feeling uncomfortable. You may not be entirely relaxed around other people and may fear saying the wrong thing, something you can sometimes set yourself up to do. The quality of your relationships and sex life depends on openness, trust, and the vulnerability to share your true feelings and needs, and 'let go' to the point of ecstatic intimacy with your partner. As long as you have developed open, honest communication and associated trust with your partner, your relationship will thrive. Although you enjoy the comforts of home and family, however, your strong, spiritual personality may not always stay in relationship for the sake of its own internal processing and growth.

  • @TheCaptain Wow! The description of me is incredible!! The problem is that my ex and I are Co-workers, and he is completely avoiding me to the point of walking the other way when he knows that I'm around. This makes me feel horrible because he won't even talk to me. Should I just give it time? I still have feelings for him.

  • @every1994 you still have feelings for someone who is cutting you dead? That either means you have low self-esteem or you are in love with an ideal image of what you want this guy to be. Either way, don't waste your time on this loser. You can do better and you deserve to do better with someone who will treat you like a queen.

  • @TheCaptain I think you are correct, I have feelings for the guy I thought he was! The day he broke up with me it just seemed like I was talking to a totally different person. (He did it over the phone, by the way) We have not spoken about it since then. I need to move on!

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