May I ask if I will find love? Marry ? Have a baby?

  • I just want to meet someone real who wants what I want .

    My birthday is 14 October 1986.

  • 2021 will be all about relationships for you, so it is one of the best years for you to find the right partner. But before you find true love, you have to work through any issues/blockages you have against it. You can be overly cautious when it comes to finding love, so you may need to take a calculated risk now and then and put yourself on the line. Let the past go - don't base every new acquaintance on those you have met before. Give new people a fresh chance. Understand your past, don’t use it as an excuse. You have a tendency to blame yourself for love failures. You can’t change what has been done, so don’t limit your luck-making potential by hanging onto the past. Learn from it and look forward to a positive future. Too much common sense and moderation can cause your behavior to become imbalanced with the result that you either don’t take risks at all or you give yourself over completely to self-indulgent behaviour. Either way, the results are a disaster for your psychological growth and well-being. You tend to look for partners who are as centered and composed as you are yourself, but you really need someone who can keep you mentally and emotionally stimulated, even if that means a certain amount of conflict and tension. You like to be looked after, so you should look for someone nurturing and caring. You should not make the mistake of equating nurturing with your partner having money and financial security as this will lead you to making big mistakes in love. Look for the quality of the person, rather than the size of their wallet.

    Once in a close relationship, you can be warm, tender and loyal, although if things settle too much into a routine you can also become restless and may stir up some drama and excitement just for the sake of it. Although you can appear unemotional, even coldly rational at times, you also have a needy emotional quality about you that says "Appreciate me!" You may often look for emotional support in the outside world rather than in yourself. You have an extremely large and sensitive emotional energy field or aura and your voice will reveal your feelings. This energy field is your prime erogenous zone. If your emotions are shut down, sexual technique won’t help. When you are in a loving mood, however, you can be moved by passion – technique is secondary. Although you sometimes expect a lot without giving back in return, you do have a great capacity to give. Despite appearances to the contrary, you are a real romantic at heart - you love to fall in love and can get periodic emotional 'crushes' on other people. If you have a partner, you must be honest with them about this tendency. When you feel free to express feeling attracted to someone, this will help clear any obsessive tendencies towards the current attraction. Sometimes your emotions can rule you so it's important to let infatuations run harmlessly through your life without acting on them. Otherwise you will get involved in promiscuous situations or infidelities (real or imagined) and then wonder what happened. Relationships present a monumental opportunity for you to work through issues of honest expression and emotional vulnerability and you would do well to see them not only as a form of comfort, security and reassurance, but as a form of spiritual practice.

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