May i ask for a job reading please.

  • Hello everybody.
    Could you please give advice about my situation.
    In the middle of May i will be participating in an event. This event requires demonstrating my knowledge. I will be working with my senior colleague (very experienced and professional). I know that i make mistakes and i am so afraid that this lady may notice it and it will somehow hurt my job security. I didn't want to take part in the event, but they asked me to do it ( Could you please do a reading about this situation.

  • @Marishkaa Hi Marishkaa
    I pulled out 4 cards and asked 2 questions.

    1. What do I need to know about expressing my knowledge?

    2. What will be the outcome with this advent?

    2 of Pentacles, 5 of wands, 3, of wands and the wheel of Fortune.

    Try and stay emotionally calm and grounded, weigh up your options on how you are going to deliver your message ( knowledge).
    Deliver your message with confidence, inspiration and enthusiasm, and importantly express your own UNIQUE beliefs and opinions on the subject.
    ( You are smart and have something to offer with your knowledge, don’t doubt yourself, after all they wouldn’t have asked you if they didn’t feel you where competent )

    The Wheel of Fortune ( such a major card and the most important card of them all in this spread )

    I think you will be quite surprised at just how well you did. The experience will be such a massive confidence boost and you will learn so much from it.....and also about yourself.
    Your colleague will be very impressed and will value your unique input. Because of this I see it will be a turning point in your career.
    You will begin a new positive cycle with this job that will serve you well into the future.
    I feel really positive and a sense of achievement when reading these cards 🙂

    Good luck you can do it.
    All the best

  • @Elke thank you very much for your reading! and for the good questions you formulated.
    At this event i will also have to asses knowledge of others, and i don't like to do it, don't like to be like a judge, so i understand what you said about expressing opinions, i will have to discuss things with my colleague.
    Yes, she probably feels that i am suitable here, but she has never worked closely with me, hasn't seen me doing the job.
    I am afraid but at the same time i feel enthusiasm about this event, and this is so strange.

    Elke, is there probability that this wheel of fortune can actually mean turn for the worse? or in this case other cards would have been in the spread (negative cards)?

  • @Marishkaa Marishkaa thats interesting when you say you have to assess the knowledge of others because I found the 5 of Wands interesting when I pulled it.
    Normality this card to me says, people all expressing their beliefs and opinions at the same time and nobody is listening to what each other has to say and offer. I didn’t feel this was a negative card for you,
    Like I said express your own unique beliefs and opinions but be mind full of everyone’s as well.
    We can all learn from listening to each other’s point of view.

    The Wheel of Fortune had that been reversed than that could have told a different story but it wasn’t.
    This card was saying that it will bring a new positive cycle in your life not a negative one,

    The energy I felt from all these cards was very positive.

    Don’t stress to much You will be fine.
    Let me know how it all went for you

  • Thank you, Elke!

  • Hello @Elke ! So my event has just passed. Everything seems to be ok for now, as i don't know the real opinion of my colleague, maybe there are some talks about me behind my back..i don't know. As i said i had to assess knowledge of others during these event, and i had preliminary or estimated assessment points, but in reality not of them got these points, some got higher , some lower, and now i think that maybe i was wrong in my assesment, maybe underestimated or overestimated someone. I am not sure if i was fair.
    They will have another such event and i will not be there this time, so they may get completely different results , and in this case my colleagues could probably question my opinions.
    But in general the atmosphere during the event was fine, and the whole event turned out to be less stressful than i had expected. Now i feel relaxed. Like the burden is lifted off my shoulders. As for the consequences of it or benefits for my career- i don't know for now.
    Thank you again for you reading, it calmed me and reassured.

  • @Marishkaa Hi Marishkaa Thanks for getting back to me appreciate the feedback,. Only time will tell how you really went, you might have done better then you think.

  • I completely agree with you, @Elke . Thank you one more time!

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