Is he my person? 😊

  • Hi there, I have included a pic of the man I am absolutely in love with. He is in the picture, I’m the brunette bottom left. People tell me no, but I think yes! We’re both in medical school and very stressed out for the next few months with taking our licensing exam. Does he feel the same way, and is this worth pursuing? My DOB is 06/06/1992 and his is 05/01/1992. [image url](1812372A-1E31-4DBB-94E8-87127ABB5E3E.jpeg image url))

  • This can be an unconventional relationship but it can work out well for a long term love match. In love, you are often drawn to seemingly strong silent types, but this man may not have the dark and complex emotional side that can arouse and hold you. You would actually make better spouses than lovers, since the relationship’s love of table, bed and steady, dependable physicality will generally find more fulfillment in a domestic setting than in a romantic one. So you may struggle to start and continue a love affair here. This man would also have to become a good listener, for you need to be heard and understood. The strikingly new and original forms of verbal expression that can become the trademark of the relationship can prove attractive but also wearing to a this man who would be more interested in forceful action than in glib theorizing. If you can back up your words with deeds, and be counted upon to assume daily tasks without complaint, he may find themselves quite happy with such a sparkling partner as yourself.

    The love affair may be hard to start up though as I feel his love interests lie elsewhere at the moment.

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