My dreams don't lie

  • I had a dream the other night I was in some type of trouble. In it I knew that all I had to do was scream out the name Jermaine Johnson and that he would save us. I screamed out the name and a tornado dropped from the sky and everything was alright again. I told myself to remember the name when I woke up. I do not know this person or the name, but now the name stays in my mind all the time. My dreams come true alot. I don't know what this one means. Can anyone help me?

  • I dont know. The name Jermaine means "Brotherly" and the name Johnson means "Son of John" John means "God is merciful". Brotherly son of John, God is merciful.

    Perhaps this is the name of one of your angels? Please write down the name, so that you in future might understand the meaning of this dream or who this person is to you. But it might just mean that God is merciful, and that in time of trouble, all you need to do is to ask God for help, and He will send it to you. A person whom is "brotherly", who helps you. I would instead suggest that this is what the dream means. A message from God that you just need to ask, and help will be sent to you.

  • Thank-you for your help. That does make since. When I dream it can sometimes be scary for my dreams often come true.

  • Our soul get feedback from God on what to do, so symbols that we dont understand is natural then. But our soul understand the dreams, even if the mind does not. I think so, anyway, what else is the point then? You know that God is there for you now, I believe this was a message from God to trust that you are safe and will be rescued if you ask for help. Then "He" (God) will send you the help you need, and the angels you need. You are not alone.

  • That is very comforting because I am feeling all alone right now. I don't have anyone to share mt life with. Maybe if I ask God will send someibe to me. I'll try it and see what happens.

  • I promice you that if you pray to God, then God answers. I promice you that. But pray and pray and pray and excercise faith. In mean, if you feel you dont believe that the prayer will be heard, then ask God to help your faith be stronger. When you pray, no only God hears you. Also you yourself hears you, and your mind and soul and body and your angels. The whole of that wich is around you, that wich is visible and that wich is invisible, hears you. So when you pray, decide to believe - even if you dont see why it should work. Because then you will eventually receive a greater faith, since your mind and your emotions tune more into the change you want to happen.

    You are a wise girl, since you decide to pray. That means that you allready believe that God answers your prayers.

    I once asked God to send me the one who belongs to Christ. I got my prayer answered - truly.

    I once another time asked for God to send me Christian, because that means the one who belongs to Christ. And he came - in real life. He came to me and told me that God had sent him to me. He had seen an image of me in his mind and then heard a voice saying: She needs help. So he came to me to help me. But once he had said that God had sent him to me, the help had allready been received, Because then I knew that God answers all my prayers word for word.

    So believe and you will receive. You are blessed.

    Although it is a blessing to be alone aswell, since then we are able to feel our own inner feeling stronger. When we are with others we might be disturbed by their emotions and thoughts and life challenges. It is good to be alone to be aware of what lurks inside of ourselves.

    So you are blessed wether you are alone or with another. I urge you, though, to pray the right prayer.

    Ask God to send you an angel, or a person that comes in Gods name. Or ask God to send you His servant to be your friend. I urge you to pray the right prayer, not just to pray for anybody to accompany you. With the right prayer, you are able to bless your life in abundance.

    Also; believe, know that you are heard. Every word that comes out of your mouth is heard by the allmighty. Even if you yourself are not aware of what you are saying.

  • Yes the correct wording is very important I agree whole heartedly. I once was trying to help my son and was getting rid of all the negativity in his home. Well it worked all to good. He ended up losing the house he was living in. If I had chosen my words with care I would have accomplished what my goal was.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Aloha,

    I believe this is your guardian angel and protector. I sense that you have a strong connection to divine assistant.

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