I have a question about a reading I did

  • I asked my cards if I would move out of this house I’m in , in the next year. The outcome card was the tower? I took that as a no, but I found it strange I got that card as I’ve lived in this house for almost 12 years and have hated it for the last 11 years. Some context, it’s full of damp, mould, freezing in the winter, badly ventilated, hardly any natural light, things are always going wrong and needing fixing, and I’m often visited by mice, Woodlice, ants and slugs! I’m so very depressed here, I was just wondering if the tower was trying to tell me something? Am I missing something in your opinions? Sorry I was so fixated on the tower card, as it always worries me that I barley paid attention to the other cards.

  • @natty187
    Some thoughts re the tower in the context of your question ,,,
    The tower can speak of walls, barriers, boundaries being removed, cleared away, crumbling around you .. Maybe it may feel as though your world has been turned upside down, ...
    maybe it speaks of the need to move unexpectedly .. think of the tower also as a card to remind us we have the possibility to rebuild what has been destroyed or taken from us ... maybe it is a reminder that you can rebuild the place you do want even if you feel like you have had it worse that you desired... Time is now to reclaim what was standing but in a new place ... This could be very symbolic ... it can ask that you allow yourself a sense of vulnerability as you let down the barriers into what could be possible ... Some thoughts What deck did you use? The Imagery can hold clues ...

  • @hekatesxing thank you so much, that does make sense and I probably wouldn’t have looked at it like that, and I always think the worse when I see the tower. I used the Rider Waite deck.

  • @natty187
    You are welcome ... After 20 years of working with Tarot and seeing the different circumstances The Tower arrives in a reading you begin to look at this card in a new light. Remembering all cards can be both positive or negative within one's perspective.. So it is important to look at each card in both aspects at different times...
    Take care

  • @hekatesxing thank you very much for your time, I have learnt a lot. Much appreciated

  • @natty187
    awesome ... pleased it was able to offer a new perspective

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