Reverse cards for online reading?

  • I was just wondering why there was no reverse cards option for the online readings here at

    Thank you to anyone willing to answer. I tried searching the forums before asking and didn't see this question previously. Apologies if this was already asked.

  • @Eternum
    Good question.
    i have wondered this as well.

  • They simply might not do reversals for online readings here. A card doesn't have to be in reverse to have a "negative" meaning. It depends on the surrounding cards.

  • @Eternum
    Reversal readings are not necessary when looking at the placement of the cards within a spread.. some Readers do not use reversals, especially if they use set positions that ask about the reverse of any card example _ what is blocking me at this time? What challenges do I have at this time? What do I fear? It allows you to look at both sides of the card anyway.. Plus depending on questions asked, the surrounding cards and the deck used ...

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