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  • I am a pisces girl. I was in relationship with a cancer man from 5 years.I loved him We had breakup many times.I previously thought being a girl and accepting everything will only help my relationship.Concering his career he left me twice.But again we reunited. Somewhere one year before I felt compromise only is not the relationship. I said him I am getting the care from different person .I missed these things from u.Yes, my cancer man didnot care me 3 years.I was like an option to him . Bt still I got sticked to him.A Year back when I said I am missing his care and its better to move on,he started messaging me calling me..started showing changes. Somewhere I felt I can't trust a new man and go , I will be with my cancer man As days passed , things started to be better but still I was scared he may ignore me one day.So at times I started talk back to him when things were not really right. He never like to come out .I wanted to have lunch and dinner with him.So I called him outside so that I can talk to him and make relationship better.But everytime he was very much concerned on his career.Though I was emotionally down he didnot care to console me just because he is busy with work and he didn't care.Two times I did which he didnot like.I felt sorry later on. recently this went very bad. I just asked him a help but he shouted at me that I am disturbing his work. Once he asked me to change my interests , talk to him if any topic is there.I just opposed it. I said him thats not the thing to be in relationship. He felt I am not good for his career since I don't dream big and he left me. I knew if it comes to his career he will not have any second thought to leave me. I still don't know should I have accepted the changes what he said.
    Now he finally left me... I still don't understand how I would have been a problem to his career. He said me to be like frnd for few days and later on we can see. I was not able to accept it.I said him if u r really sure I am a problem to u ,u can call it off coz I know I cannot see him like a friend.But now things really ended.

  • Basically with a Cancer man, if you don't live up to his 'dream woman' image that is based on his mother, he won't stick around.

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