Can anyone help me with my future?

  • Currently struggling with insecurities in a relationship not sure if he wants to break up with me or not. Not sure if I’m being insecure or what?

    My date of birth is 12/03/1993

  • What is his birthdate?

  • @TheCaptain it’s 12/07/1998

  • @Pisces93 at its heart, this relationship is quite complex, but at the same time it is one of the most natural and comfortable of matchups. The two of you in many ways come at each other from different ends of the spectrum: Your partner can be very practical, taken up with worldly concerns and the structure of power, while you are more idealistic about following your lifelong dreams. Yet the two of you can expect an easy relationship with an emphasis on feelings. Because of the natural sympathy between you, you should be capable of overcoming your differences, building acceptance and trust, and discovering what you have in common. The overall fit therefore should be relaxed.

    However, given the relationship’s service-oriented stance, the two of you must be sure to leave enough time for yourselves. One difficulty here is self-denial, as one or both of you might make the greatest sacrifice of all: neglecting your own relationship and denying it a certain amount of sustenance that it needs for emotional and spiritual growth. You both must be more 'selfish' occasionally, and deny the needs of other people for a time so that you can deepen your own personal bond. You need to tell your partner if you feel he is neglecting the relationship. He is prone to isolating himself when he gets into a mood. Honest communication is vital here and you must not hold back because you fear upsetting things or because your partner thinks he is never wrong. But you both like to be the boss in your own way, so this can cause trouble if a compromise is not reached to share the 'reins of power' equally..

    When it comes to love, Pisces93, you can go to an extreme of impulsive attention-seeking behaviour in your insecurity. This can be hard on your partner and you need to understand that you are unique and special so you do not have to do something crazy to prove it. You must also avoid the tendency to play games and set traps in your relationships. You have to deal with your inner conflicts (likely created from hardships or abandonment/rejection issues as you were growing up, which you may be projecting onto your relationship now) and face up to your insecurities, perhaps with the help of a counselor or therapist if family and friends are not an option. A major issue for you in relationships is trapped, unexpressed emotion – especially anger – which you tend to hold in or intellectualize, acting didactic and aloof instead of passionate. You may hold in anger due to concern about others’ opinions or because you fear the power of your own emotion. You may appear shy or quiet, storing negativity that needs to be discharged. A sense of self-worth, self-sufficiency, and self-contained power are keys to relationships for you. When you feel needy and want someone to lean on, you may fall into games of control and manipulation. But when you approach others from a secure place inside yourself, appreciating your own attractive energy, you will see that manipulation is unnecessary and counterproductive, and you will stop giving away your power. Due to your creative energy and sensitivity, you have a responsive and powerful sexual centre. You may experience problems associated with sexuality if you abuse or overuse it. You need to monitor carefully how you express your sexual and creative energies, avoiding using sex for control, identity, or self-worth. You should only engage in sex when you feel open, loving and giving.

    Your partner may like his woman to let him take the lead at first, but for a relationship to be successful in the long term, it would be far more exciting and better for him to have someone who is his equal. She will also have to be patient and understanding since he needs regular periods of peace and solitude where he can get in touch with his own feelings and return to the relationship refreshed. However, though he may often prefer a bit of privacy to company, he does feel the need to bond with other people. In actuality, he may be looking for a substitute parent/mother to pay attention to him and take care of him, since he may feel unsure about taking care of himself. In fact, due to perceived past betrayals, he may associate the heart and feelings with pain and hurt, and prefer to think rather than feel. To the degree that he subconsciously expects betrayal, he will encounter it in other people and in the world. So it's vital for him to develop a strong sense of trust - in himself, you, other people, and God/the Universe. Once he can open enough to express his feelings and needs, the relationship will flourish.

  • @TheCaptain thank you! At the minute he’s needing space because he’s been going through personal issues, and he’s scared of the development of our relationship (he never wanted it to move too fast) he’s got trust issues and has fallen in love with me now he thinks I’m going to leave him and didn’t expect to have these deep feelings for me at first especially since he didn’t want us to move so fast.

    Shall I give him some space and wait for him to come back? I’ve been constantly reaching out to him first to let him know I’m there for him so he knows already but I feel like I’m doing too much now.

  • @Pisces93 give him the space he needs to figure things out.

  • @TheCaptain thank you so much. I’ve been crying almost everyday and I just needed that confirmation. Thank you it was much needed.

  • It is happen due to communication gape and ego. So It should be care of partner with love and understand of liabilities

  • @Incescre he spoke to me today. I’m going to visit him on Saturday and speak face to face about everything. Thank you 🙏🏽

  • @Pisces93 how did it go?

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