Is it a bad year for goats this year?

  • I was wondering if goats are experiencing a bit of hardship this year. A definite shift in fortunes and happy days. What's happening? Is anyone else experiencing problems?

  • Yes, it is, I'm sorry!! It's the year of the Ox right now, and the ox is the opposite (and conflicted) sign to the Goat. Goats will feel too much is asked of them at this time, and experience one hardship after another. My friend, a goat, was engaged for months up until last weekend when his fiancee called everything off. Another goat I know just got laid off from his job. However, most Goats have many good friends they can turn to in tough times. Remember, you don't have to go it alone! Good luck!!

  • I'd imagine so. it is year of ox, which is your opposite. but then again it depends on how you handle it, like everything else in life. I was born in the year of rabbit, and I prepared myself in the year of rooster 2005 thinking that it would be hard on me. the only thing hard was more work and more learning on top. I brought work home I did all I could, that was about it. Management also changed so it was brutal paperwork wise. It was 2006 year of Dog when I finally quit, so 2005 really was not as hard as I thought. funny thing is I wasn't prepared for 2006, too happy that 2005 passed lol but anyway dog year was bad for me job wise and yet everything else was fine.

  • Dear AAE,

    I had no idea that the Ox is the opposite and conflicted sign to the goat. It's been a tough year so far, such a rollercoaster ride. My husband isn't having such a great year either and he's a snake! I hope things can improve for us next year!!

    So sorry to hear about your friends too, I hope things improve greatly for them. Hope you're at least having a good year! Many thanks for your reply.

  • Dear LeoScorpio

    Many thanks for you reply also. It does definitely depend on how we handle things, some things are just out of our control, and we can only go with the flow! Sounds like you've been having a busy time over the years! I'm hoping you're having better years!

  • You're very welcome!!

  • thanks intrigued

    and yes 2009 has been a great year for me, although it was quite a roller coaster money wise, due to recession started in 2008. but the universe provides me, as always. it is trying to teach me that money is not everything. I used to worry about how recession will affect me. but the universe sends me help, family and job wise. also spiritually my spirit guide and new wonderful mentors are sent my way. I still have a lot to learn and I feel renewed energy every single day. this year is a banner year for me, a start of a new cycle. I am humbled by the abundance the universe sends me, and I intend to honor my purpose of being here. may the universe fills you with abundance and all your wishes made in good and selfless intentions are come true.

  • Lovely message, thank you LeoScorpion. So good to hear that 2009 has been a great year for you although, not in the monetry sense. I always think that life works out somehow in the end, much like yourself. The universe does send help in the way of family and people you meet along the way. I realise myself that money is not everything and I'm learning what really matters in life. I don't want much but I would like a life rich in good people and I love walking, nice scenery and my children, not necessarily in that order! I love the way you appreciate the new lessons taught in life from the people you come across and your experiences etc. How do you get in contact with your spirit guide? Do we all have one? How do we know? Many thanks for your good wishes they are much appreciated. I send you the same too, you've described it so well. take care LeoScorpion.

  • hi intrigued. we all have a guide, some people have more than one. a guide can be a spirit guide (from the spirit world, such as mine), a mentor (living being that walks on the spiritual path and teach it), an angel, or power animals. a spirit guide can be anything from deceased loved ones to any spirit wishing to teach us. the universe is vast and abundant, there is no limit of what it can provide us or teach us. a guide is sometimes assigned to do so, or volunteer.

    to each of us, there is at least one guide. but since we live in the time where physical and material is considered important, many of us have lost the ability to tune in to our psyche and therefore do not realize the presence of our guides let alone listen to their guidance.

    we all have psychic abilities. only it's different degree in each person. some are born sensitive they can see and communicate with spirits. some are not and need to exercise to tune in to the psyche. due to the material and physical life we live in, even the most sensitive people can lose the abilities and have to regain them. think of guides as friends. if we don't talk to them, or ignore them, they will leave. since many of us do not realize their presence, by the time we do, they have already gone. there is no negativity in the spirit world. they do not leave in anger for they know that the time will come for every living being to understand. like every one of us, a guide is here for a purpose. they teach us what we need to learn. they can leave us if they feel we are not ready or they have taught us enough. they will then be replaced by another guide that will teach us different set of knowledge and wisdom.

    to contact a mentor, you can find in any spiritual paths. ask the universe to help you locate one, be active communicate or attend spiritual meetings, read spiritual books that interest you. each person has different spiritual build. only you know which path you will take. in time, you will find a mentor.

    to contact a guide from the spiritual world, you need to tune in to your psyche. there are many ways to do this. choose the one that suits you. I go with yoga and meditation. in fact my spirit guide contacted me when I was doing yoga, she pulled me into her time and place. and then together we returned to my lifetime. she was practically with me for an hour, that is how long my yoga session is. she was following me for a bit and I was afraid at first, and so she left thinking that I was not ready. but through my mentor I found her name and have been calling her for help since then. some people go with fasting and certain kind of mystic ritual, some people just pray regularly. there is no right or wrong way. to each their own.

  • Thank you so much Leoscorpion your information is much appreciated and you've given me lots. I have always asked my Angels for help in difficult situations and I feel it has helped. I have never thought of contacting a spirit guide. I shall be guided by your suggestions. I find all this totally fascinating. There's so much out there and I'm only at the tip of the iceberg. Once again thank you very much!

  • may the universe sends you help and guidance. ask and you shall receive.

  • You are too kind Leoscorpion thank you. I wish the same for yourself.

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