Cancer man

  • I’ve been dating this cancer man for 4 months and it has been an emotional rollercoaster for me.
    At first he was very closed in (Aquarius moon) and I was very wary of opening up to him also (Scorpio moon) as I’ve had a lot of trust issues in the past.
    We have had the “talk“ about our relationship and where it’s going and he has said that he’s not looking to put a title on us yet but however he’s fully committed to me and doesn’t have interest in seeing anyone else only me and he expects the same from me also.

    I was fine with that because our relationship is going well we spend every weekend together and speak every day.

    My problem is the more I’ve got to know him I’ve learnt that he’s constantly putting his business before me which is why he didn’t want to put a title on us because he knows that he would have to put me before his business and right now his aim is just to get rich (his dad is a millionaire so he’s constantly trying to be like him)...

    The man cares for me like I see it, his actions tell me everything I need to know about how he feels about me but when something goes wrong with his business or finances he’s very cold and he kind of pushes me away without him noticing. He’s a typical moody cancer and I’ve been with one cancer before and I see how toxic it can get when they are moody like this. So I often shy away as a Pisces and give him like a 2 day space in to which he dislikes. I always tell him that my actions are mirroring his so when he is distant with me I act distant too but he doesn’t realise this because he’s so caught up in his business.

    My question is now what can I do? I read that cancers often want you to “mother” them and I know this is true because my ex was a cancer and I was constantly being a mother to him more than anything. I don’t mind doing it for this new guy I’m dating but it’s stressful because I don’t think he’s that type of cancer I just think he’s very focused on his business and to be honest I feel like a fish out of water I don’t know how to act around him. How can I be a “mother” to him like how can I support him?

  • You are obviously not his first priority in life - making money and pleasing his father comes before you. Is this how you want to live the rest of your life - coming a poor second?

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