Dream Interpretition

  • Hi,
    I had a dream in which I saw me and my father was sitting in my room, suddenly I saw a huge Scorpio enter in my room and start walking here and there, I tried to kill it but my shot got missed. Then I was thinking how I can kill, then suddenly lots of army ants enter in my room and they quickly run towards Scorpio and cover its all body and start eating it. Then Scorpio run here and there to save his life but after some time, Scorpio failed and stop moving, then finally I hit his head with wood and kill it.
    Can anyone interpret this dream?

  • You are feeling under attack and in need of protection, but deep down, you know you can defeat any opposition by yourself if you work hard at it.

  • @Sara717 is your father passed. Did you all work on stuff together. Kinda seems like conquering problems by yourself. Perhaps some issue that you need to address.

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