Frustration With the Cards

  • Okay, so I keep getting the same answers to the same question. I’m wanting to study at a different university, however the cards are continuously pointing me in the direction of my current place of study, and honestly I’m unhappy about this. I long for a new start and prefer the course at the other university. However, the signs are all pointing to ‘stay where you are’ and I feel somewhat defeated about this. I’ve had experiences in the past where the cards have given me what I needed not what I wanted, and I don’t have anyone else in my real life who believes in them. So, I’m turning to the internet for any possible reassurance or advice.

  • @MagicInTheMundane listen to the cards. The universe and your guides know what is best for you at this present time, even when we don’t want this to be so. You may also find the grass might not be greener at that uni and it might not be the perfect fit for you. What is meant to be will be.

  • @MagicInTheMundane
    Agree with Elke ....
    You may not feel as though you want to be where you are, but the move where you think you want to be may not really be the perfect fit for you overall... There may be some issues you can not see at this time if you change direction in regards to the course and uni.. The cards might be asking you change your thoughts, your perceptions because something hidden, yet to be revealed may be better for you where you are at this time.

    The cards have revealed the right path for you... but ultimately it is up to you what you do with it.. You do have free will ... if you feel the cards are not right and you want to pursue the alternative - that is totally up to you . The Cards have given you solid advice about this situation overall ... take care

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