Is this karmic relationship?

  • so i am a libra girl (date of birth 9 october 1998), have been having crush on my guy best friend (25 october 2000) for 2 years, he didn't reciprocrate (hot and cold), infact i think he is also in karmic relationship with other girl (been trying to move on from this girl but cannot). My condition is severe, I have to have contact to my crush daily, few days without contact will give me depression and anxiety. Been trying to move one but can't. Always constantly end up contacting him, because if not, i will end up really depressed, don't have any excitement on life.

  • You are tying all your happiness to this one guy who is not responding to you as you want, so of course you feel depressed. You need to find other interests. But real lasting happiness never comes from outside things, only from inside you. So you have to discover why you are not happy. It will be all about why you don't like yourself or some aspect of yourself. Perhaps you are feeling unlovable because you cannot attract the person you love? You must work on loving yourself and making yourself whole, No one else can do that for you.

  • @TheCaptain the thing is i really rarely fell in love or even having a crush in my 20 years life , why falling for him is really easy for me is still a mystery. It is hard to find someone who clicks.

  • @dmc but you also need the other person to click with you for a relationship to happen. perhaps your standards are too high or unrealistic? Or perhaps this guy's real allure is the fact that he is unattainable and therefore not a threat to you?

  • @TheCaptain i don't really have a specific standard, it is just have to be someone who i can be really comfortable with. with him i felt really2 comfortable, that is why we are best friend now. we are really close in term. actually i dont really know if he is reciprocrating or not, what i know is he is still trying to move in from his past love (this is a girl that he knew way back before he knew me), ive never confessed my feeling, i am just always getting hurt knowing that he still cannot move on eventhough now he have me as a bestfriend. I know it is complicated, and i am seem selfish to think this way.

  • @dmc it sounds like he really just needs a best friend right now.

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